Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Love Animals

These are some of the animals photographed at the back of my house. Trust me, it's a jungle back there.


This is all I could manage with the monkey because my camera was upstairs, and I had to run to get it. It was running away so fast, I only caught a glimpse before it turned its butt on me.

These are the pictures of the animals I took at carrefour.

Pretty snake


Actually, the animal stall (do you call it a 'stall'?) offers to take pictures of you posing with the animals for RM 10. So, one day, when I went shopping with my ma, my grandparents and my siblings, the stall keeper wasn't there, so I whipped out my Panasonic DMc-FS4 and took the pictures of all the animals for free!.. hahhahahahaha

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