Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pointless Monologues

Pointless monologues
that's what they are
merely pointless monologues


Ignorance walks in many forms

Wealth struts down the lane in his cashmere coat
swaggering of his fortune and wine,
with Poverty begging at his feet
licking dirt from his boots

Greed sits behind the mahogany desk
strewn with cash and bank checks,
profit from robbery
while Gratitude meekly sweeps his floors
picking at his crumbs

Cruelty laughs in the face of death
shooting the stars
with collosal bazookas
when Mercy cries for justice
with a broken arm in one hand

Pointless monologues,
that's what they are, just pointless monologues

p/s: sorry, Zah. I was inspired by your blog title.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Lot To Be Grateful For

It's official: I will not entertain any more tags. Sorry.
It's tiresome, and it's not the purpose of this blog.
Sure they're fun and they give you a reason to blog, for those who don't really know what to do with their blogs.

I got this from February 2008 issue of Reader's Digest.

"To be bored is to stop reacting to the external world, and to explore the internal one. It is in these times of reflection that peole often discover something new, whether it is an epiphany about a relationship or a new theory about the way the universe works. Granted, many people emerge from boredom feeling that they have accomplished nothing."
".....There is a strong argument that boredom- so often parodied as a glassy-eyed drooling state of nothingness- is an essential human emotion that underlies art, literature, philosophy, science and even love."
From the article 'The Joy of Boredom' by Carolyn Johnson.
So, what's this? Boredom in a more positive light? Boredom as the mother of invention? It's by being bored that people look for excitement.
However, it is often the 'bored' teens who go on adventurous escapades on motorbikes as Mat Rempits, and prescribe their own drugs for kicks. Well, it's actually up to the individual to figure out a more postive way to channel their boredom. Everybody feels bored, and that's normal.
This holiday, I have been practicing golf, and not really caring much for my homework. I've also been on food adventures of gastronomic proportions. (I love to eat!)
On the first day of last year's holiday, I went to Ariana Iranian Restaurant in Cyberjaya, and had lamb shank in curry with rice and baked tomatoes with my father. My, was it heaven.
This holiday, the whole family went to Al-Jazera Yemeni Restaurant, which was , like, two shop lots away from Ariana. We had chicken and lamb mendy with salad, and also hummus for appetizer. My siblings and I had tea served Arabic style in cute little cups. It tasted minty.
I wish I brought my camera then, so we'd have snapshots of it, and I might still recapture (and savour?) the sensuality of the meal from the pictures... (yumm..)
On another day, we went for dinner at Pa's friend's ikan bakar stall in Kajang. The simplicity of the meal and the flavours was a blissful dining experience.
Then, today, on Chinese New Year morning,I don't celebrate it, mind you, but I recalled once upon a time in my youth, nenek used to invite us to her house on CNY and we'd eat (she's a great cook, too bad those chef genetics weren't passed down to me), and I think, (if I'm not experiencing 'made-up memories') the little ones would get ang-pau; Pa made some bihun sup. (I know, this paragraph is of one sentence, and the structure itself is weird.)
I recalled my previous Rayas where sometimes my Papa would make spaghetti or Kelantanese laksam, and there was one time when we celebrated at the kampung in Pasir Puteh my Papa made some lamb chops.
Sometimes, back then, we used to have barbecue of all sorts, meats, poultry and seafood. All that with the magic of the electric grill in our backyard.
My mouth is watering already from the thought of it. In five days, I will soon return to school, to dining hall food.
Well, I've been talking about all this food, and it strikes me that not everyone shares this luxury, especially those in war-torn countries, majority in Africa, and it leaves me a lot to be grateful for.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Scavenger II

Hi, all. Welcome to the second series of my scavenging.

Location: SMSTMFP compounds, covering dormitories, classes, toilets, etc., etc. no premise is spared from my photo-snapping. There were lots more pictures taken within these few weeks, but here are some of them.

my trusty calculator, handy in solving add maths problems and maths. Although due to my carelessness, I always keyed in the wrong numbers and result with the wrong answers.

Guess what's on my table. Maths, or add maths?

An exhibition of determination.

Inspired by Twilight? nah..this was a random one.

Not forgetting the lil' critters found..

A baby frog in mid-jump. I had a tough time photographing this one as it kept running away, and it had a good camouflage against the ground.

I found this cute one the day when we were washing the floors of the dormitory.

I don't know what the heck this creature is, it looks like some kind of butterfly.

Now, where did this come from?

The new renovated toilet, but no water!

Now, lets go inside the prefects' dorm..
The bulging tiled floor.

The aftermath.

Cute slippers.

These are mine.

For Biology class, studying a cow's heart.

End of transmission. More to come later.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wish List

There's a lot of things on my wish list, actually, but here are some items on that list. I can foretell that at the least, I might be able to get them after SPM.

The Boys Who Saved The World by Sam Mills, it had a good review, I might as well check it out. I bet it serves up a lot of analogies of political- religious issues, the zeitgeist of the so-called modern and sophisticated era that we live in today.
Kak Ainul made a good review on it. The synopsis itself is very intriguing indeed. Surely must read more.

The synopsis sounds juicy, as it provides a twist to the conventional Wizard of Oz story. My sinister inner child-cum-imp is hell bent on getting her hands on this one.

And yeah, pray that I do well for my trials and the real SPM. 12 A1s, including that Cambridge English assessment. Oh, just so you know, I'm not doing any more tags in the future, mind you.


Haha, another self-indulging night of blogging? Darn, why is it so hard for me to resist the temptation? Its like an inexplicable craving in the time of need for 'blurbs' (does this term even exist?) and such. I was thinking of the title for my yet to update story. What do you think about 'Bombshell'?

Well, anyway, here's the first novel I've read to kick start the year. Another one of Syakir's. The second chick lit book from him after The Devil Wears Prada.

The first few chapters seemed strikingly promising, and the whole novel was absolutely witty with humorous descriptions, going overboard in typical chick litty exaggeration and melodrama (what's that suppose to mean?), especially when it came to doing the karaoke, and checking out guys.

It was entertaining, the plot was fast-paced in the beginning, but when it came closer to opening the last letter, the pace slowed down a notch, until it came to a point when I felt dull going over the repetition of sequence of events. The Daniel- Holly thing, yeah, I saw it coming, obviously. Why do stories define love as something so..predictable?

I liked the idea that Gerry wrote letters for Holly to be read after he died. Some of them were short and witty, to the extent that I was curious to hear more from him. I expected a longer letter in the last one, but well, it came up short of my expectations, literally.

Overall, it is an 'okay' read I guess, if I had to compare it to Twilight, I'd rather prefer this one. Frankly speaking, Twilight sucks. P.S. is a more 'chicken soup for the soul' style with the untrimmed cussing thrown in.

However, I do find some of the parts quite silly, and somewhat under-developed (is that how it's spelled?) and predictable.

I am not sure what kind of novel that I enjoy nowadays, I seem that very much pernickety (I think I've read this word in one of Enid Blyton's books, and I think that's how it is spelled, yep I got a B3 on my grammar for my English proficiency test, so my confidence is slightly affected).

Well, 2009 is a long way to go (although it may pass very fast!), there is still more room for more reviews...and homework revision..ahahahaaaa

OMG! 2009

It's the new year, and I'm back for the hols. Well, it has only been a few weeks, and already eventful, but not on my part though, I'm actually enjoying the bliss of not doing anything but sitting in class doing my homework for a change.

So much for my new year resolutions, I've already blown my top, twice and I've been late for school three times already, which has caused me to abandon my breakfast most of the time, even if I didn't abandon it, I would still be seen purchasing canteen food. I can't help myself, I need to eat.

Some of the highlights for the two weeks was the motivational session with the UTP students, where we had a mock interview session, and some activities. I got some useful info on engineering.

Another highlight is the Gaza fund raising. The event had a great effect on me. I was stunned. After all these years, I've had my tears held back so obstinately, but at that particular moment, they came streaming out like a fountain. It simply was.. devastating to see them all suffer like that. Can you imagine? Stones against guns? Families running for their lives and seeing your loved ones die in front of you? Having your kids taken away and all that? That was.. unthinkably inhumane.

Lastly, who could ever forget Mr. Dol?
He has moved on to SMK Kubang Telaga as the new principal there. I wrote him a poem.

This morning before I came back to KL, the form 5 and form 3 students had a consultation session between the parents and the teachers. Apparently, from the teachers' comments, it was obvious that I wasn't paying attention in class, and I have not been trying hard enough.

When I get back, I will have to face the music of more headache-inducing affairs, especially the demand of exorbitant amount of funds for K.O.T. among other things. I am at my wit's end.

Indeed 2009 will be a roller-coaster ride. Change is expected, whether for better or for worse.
Obama, Najib, etc., etc.

Well, the title says it all, OMG! 2009.