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Die Another Day

S.W.O.T. Analysis:

Strength: I am exempted from attending PLKN batch 1.

Weakness:  am still not free from the worry of having to go to PLKN because I've been moved to the second batch in March.

Opportunity: I can do other things while I'm not going for PLKN (yaaay!), and I'll have to think and HOPE for a way that I'll escape the second one.

Threat: The letter for the second batch arriving on my doorstep.

Well, looks like I'll not be going for the first batch of PLKN, so bubbye KEM Summer Set Resort. I have another interview for a Yayasan Tun Razak Leadership Programme coming up on the 16th. Guess what? I'll be moved to the second batch of PLKN coming up in March. Well, at least, if I went for the first batch, I could still coax myself to go by saying that most of the kids there are from SBP, so they're most unlikely to be rowdy kids, well, not that I'm saying that dayschoolers are rowdy, but you get my drift, dontcha? I could handle an m-16 (WOW! XD The only thing I'm excited about for going to PLKN. But that's like, 25 bullets, and only if that is available at your camp site and it's only like less than 1% of your time in PLKN :-(  ), yaddyadda, I can get new friends and stuff, and I'll not be doing anything anyway, what I mean to say is that, I could still tolerate the fact of going to PLKN for the first batch, because I've calculated that it's not exactly 3 months, but just slightly more than 2 months if I were to go on Saturday and there's the Chinese New Year Holidays in between and two weeks in March has been excluded...............but for the second batch, which starts in March, I bet there's tonnes of things I'd be busy with after the results....because before the results, that's when we feel that we don't want to study and just want to chill, but after the results, that's when we feel like studying....need to think of a way to escape PLKN altogether. Seriously, does the government think I have nothing better to do??????

my proposal for change in PLKN:

1. offer options, whether to go or not, some people do want to go, trust me.

2.  let the school make recommendations on who should be chosen to go. Puh-lease, the school, especially SBP should know their students very well, and they know who are the type to loaf around and the type who are busy...honestly, have I not done enough in my school life?? Don't I deserve a break???????? And what with my interviews and all.....seriously, the government has PICKED THE WRONG GIRL for that. Don't those government people think that people have other things to do than just laze around? people want to work, do licenses, go for seminars, or even help out in the house, and just think about it, this is the only time we, SBP students, have to stay home before they get sent off again to college, overseas universities...and what comes after that? Some of them will start working, get married..and there's less time with family..Come on, give us a break! Especially those SBP students, they've been in the hostel for FIVE FRIGGIN' YEARS!!!! (not exactly, friggin' and not that I didn't enjoy it, but, hey, that's a long time, and we need a break..a long one to match). Then, when you start college, some  of them still have to stay in the hostel, especially those overseas. Give us a break, we need home time! Why can't people just identify those delinquents and Mat Rempits and just send them off for PLKN instead?

3. Shorten the time frame for PLKN. Hello, three months is too long. One month is okay for me, like I said, we've better things to do.

You know, it annoys me that people will try to convince me that PLKN is good, and I say, whatever! That is what you think, I beg to differ. Even if I did go, I would still be thinking of that lost time. I will only coax myself because I wouldn't want to be miserable for three whole months,  but just because if I did enjoy myself there, I will never ever say that PLKN was a good idea. Perhaps it is a good idea to prevent youths from being bored and become Mat Rempits, but do choose wisely who the PLKN-ers are. I'm not being a sourpuss because I got it, but lets look at it this way. Am I a potential Mat Rempit?? IT IS INCONVENIENT FOR ME AND THOSE IN CHARGE AT MY CAMP IF I WERE TO GO TO PLKN. Let's weigh out the pros and cons. If I did go to PLKN, and I have all these interviews, I will need to go in and out of camp, correct? Who's sending me? Of course those who knows waht PLKN dudes, and if they're dudes, and you're a girl that increases the risk factor. You get my drift. Imagine if I got PLKN at Sabah or Sarawak. Imagine the costs and time it takes to get me across the South China Sea to attend an interview in KL. What about the interview preparations? You don't get internet access in PLKN. That is a case for someone who has lots of interviews.

You're darn right if I sound angry.

Okay, so you say PLKN is character-building? Trust me, I'm a sceptic, not a believer..(haha, I miss The Academy Is...) I've seen the BTN ceramah materials..could it get any more ultra-Malay than that? Seriously, I think it's just the same stuff that we already know, but neglect to take heed of. Malays don't need anymore of this ceramah cr*p, they need a serious wake-up call to reality. The world is a lot tougher out there, the interview is just a tip of the iceberg.

ahhhh....deep that out.......lega......

Well, at least now I can finish my license.

I'll be going to Kelantan on Saturday to send my brother to Faris. That lil' boy's growing up..


aRiFF hAFIZi said…
hey chill!

btw, u got TR Leadership interview oso? good luck then. received dat too but TR ppl informed me super late. i only knew my name is shortlisted on the night right b4 the interview day.crazy is it? so, i turned up of not going for it. mane smpat wt preparation. huhu. my friends said the interview was pretty easy. go for it!

plkn. chill. if i am at ur place surely gonna feel da same thing.

good luck in life!

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