Thursday, January 07, 2010


Guess what that word- ilysm means?

It's short for.... I Love You So Much.

What the?

SMS lingo has gone that far??? first, I was stumped, I know that I'm not a mainstream zombie, and I couldn't care much about what other people are into, but it got the better of my curiousity. What the heck did that word mean? How was it suppose to be read, pronounced? Then, one day, I got, that's what it was.

I admit it, I am sometimes compelled to use SMS language, it's the curse of the new century. hey ho, save me from this self-destructing writing plague..first came the writer's block which has yet to be unblocked. I'm fresh out of ideas, and then the grammar thing, and now this disease?

Hold on to your horses, I will not allow myself to be part of this. I will never ever use 'ilysm'. Not to that extent. I mean, it's a phrase with so much meaning, and when you shorten it to just that, what is it suppose to mean? You can't even take the trouble of writing fourteen letters for the person you're saying those words to? Man.

Anyway, I am so much of a drama queen. :-(

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GhOsToNe said...


ayat english tinggi sgt lol!!!