Thursday, January 14, 2010


KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Silly (or Stupid).

Why don't I bother to post long posts nowadays?

Firstly, it is due to my state of mind. I have a bad case of anxiety due to the driving test, which caused me to totally suck at driving yesterday. Secondly, I posted all my Kelantan visit pictures in my facebook, facebook has activex, so it loads pictures in bulk faster than blogger or flickr, but I would really love it if I had the patience to upload it on flickr and blogger. It's nicer to blog with pictures to acompany the story-telling. So, I've managed to do brief posts, but I will elaborate in length later...yes, sue me, I know I wanted to elaborate about a lot more things, but I never get around to doing it, I'm a procrastinator..that's bad...that should change. Then again, priorities come first.

I just knew that Zah got to SMS Rembau????

I bet it's a new school. Gosh, I can't imagine what it would be like, that makes Zah like a pioneer batch or something..huhu..and I thought that I'd go to Faris again for registration..hohoh

I'll start blogging avidly again when all of this buzy-ness has passed..the question is when? It never school, outside school..I'm just destined to be in this loop, I guess. God loves me, He doesn't want me to die of boredom.

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