Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Driving Self-Reminders

Stopping and Moving on a hill slope (upwards):
1. Step on the accelerator.
2. When coming to a stop, Clutch, Brake, free gear and handbrake.
3. To move again, Clutch, Gear 1, Accelerator and hold, Release Cltuch halfway and hold, release handbrake.

Under normal circumstances, after getting into gear, release handbrake, then go for the accelerator.

Three-point turn:
1. Enter close to the left-hand side. Turn right at almost 90 degree angle, so that the car is facing the right fully, stop. Free gear.
2. Turn the wheels to the left fully (four 360 degree turns of the steering wheel, I think). Get in Reverse gear. Move, then stop at an appropriate distance.
3. Turn right fully and then get into Gear 1 and go.

Parallel parking:
1. Go right next to the first pole. Move forward by keeping an eye on that first pole by looking backwards. Keep on going until the fills one side of the back window. Stop.
2. Turn the steering wheel at a 360 degree once to the left. Get into Reverse gear. Keep your eye on the right side view mirror, making sure that the back tire touches the white line of the parking box. The tire should not be too far outside the line, or too far inside the line, it should be ON the line. Stop.
3. Turn the steering wheel fully to the right. Still in Reverse gear, move while keeping an eye out so that the back of the car does not hit the pole. Stop.
4. If the car is less 'senget', turn left at 360 degree angle twice, if it is very 'senget', turn left fully. Get into Gear 1 and move forward slowly until the middle pole is aligned to the middle of your car, stop. Straighten the tires.

To get out of the parking box, Turn left once or twice and reverse, keeping an eye out for the back poles. Stop, then turn right fully, in Gear 1, move out slowly.

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