Friday, February 19, 2010

I See You

Ignore the post title, it has nothing to do with what I'm going to post, so far, out of creative ideas for a blog title.

I'm trying my best to recall the events of two previous nights.

I had a chat with Izzat over the phone, he was sharing with me about the criterias that corporate companies look for when they interview a possible candidate for granting their scholarship. Details are kind of fuzzy, since I didn't write it down nor post about it right away.

The first criteria is stress tolerance. Now, every criteria has five levels, the fifth level is the most ideal. In the aspect of stress tolerance, the ideal criteria is when the person calmly tackles the stress and influence others to not feel the stress and work together to overcome it.

Other criterias are creativity, teamwork, drive to success, capability to understand and solve problems at hand, and I can't remember, sadly. I should have written it down.

Basically, what corporate companies look for is well-roundedness and leadership. Well-rounded doesn't mean that you're both in the school debate and rugby team, it means that you have amazing ideas, and at the same time, you also have interpersonal intelligence. You don't lose your cool,and can handle heated discussions with maturity.

These people are not looking for merely fluent people, but people with ideas. That means that I should really be practising on brainstorming and elaborating my ideas properly. Like I said before in my post about UIA Debate 2009, I had a one-liner problem, so, that's what I should improve on.

Looking back on my Sime Darby interviews based on the criterias Izzat had talked about, I think I know where I didn't perform. Izzat also says that one can be leader in the discussion either formally or informally. A leader need not just proclaim that he is one, but his actions must show his leadership.

I'd like to thank Izzat for the insight, and I wish him all the best for the Standard Chartered bank interview.

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