Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lesson Learned

Stop asking, here's my result:

9 A+, 1 A (Physics), 1 A- (EST)

Against the odds, my PA and Addmaths got A+, Physics, simply thankful for A, but EST...... I was reminded of the times when I fiercely debated with KJ to allow me to take EST, oh well, what to do?

The lesson learned here is:


You're not always the top dog.
no more BESAR KEPALA after this.



Okay, quickie update, I'm not sure about the real ranking and statistics, but from what I gather, 27 straight A's, and Top Ten National Best Student Nur Syuhadah Muhammad, Top Ten Kelantan state Best Students, Abdul Syakir Fakhri Adnan and Hairul Azman Hanafi. Well, I admit that I'm jealous, but hey, it is God's will, I am redha with it, and I'm happy for you guys. You did Faris Petra proud.

Sorry to all the teachers that I tak sempat jumpa, but I really want to thank all of you. Like I've said in my controversial brainstorming slot before this (you know, the one where KJ said that I was provocative simply because I started my speech with "I can't wait to leave this school."), you teachers are like no other, and I really mean it.

well, all that is left to do is to MOVE ON..start applying those scholarships. Time to get busy, and my holiday is over.


nothing da ... said...

k.kam..jdkn sy author gk...he3..tq

at-toriQ said...

hey there!




n selamat meng-apply biasiswa


InMine said...

Papa and mama are proud of your achievement. We know that you would not be the top student since you spent a lot of time on other activities. You have a more well-rounded achievement overal and not just on academics alone. So be thankful and grateful for it.

imran muiz said...

kam, tahniah tau dpt stret A's. . sori lmbt wish. .=)