Monday, April 26, 2010

extreme tiredness and aching feet

what a cheerful blog post title.

sore feet from standing in half-inch heels. all that serebeh-ness in kurung and selendang for a whole day.

basically, I'm not going to post what the activties were exactly, but a few keypoints on what Khazanah looks for in it's scholar is basically leadership in general.

For the first task, they're looking at resilience: encompassing interpersonal skills, self-confidence and work smart.

The second task, they're looking at strategic thinking: encompassing forward-thinking and breakthrough thinking

The third task: simply integrity

well, to note, Khazanah was pretty generous since they supplied us with buffet lunch at PNB Darby Park, and they were transparent enough about the criterias they look for.

oh, one of the questions that got my attention was:

did you apply for biomedical engineering as a scapegoat because Khazanah doesn't offer medicine? i bet you applied medicine for other scholarships.

my answer was:

no way.

then, I elaborated why. too lazy to go into the details. still tired.

conclusion: Khazanah is a lot tougher than Sime Darby.


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