Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey Soul Sister

I love that song! I just realized that my last post was three weeks ago. It's like I've been to asrama and have not been able to post anything until outing day or cuti.

anyway, a quick update. I've applied for these scholarships:

1. YTN
2. YTM
3. Khazanah
4. Petronas
5. JPA
6. PNB
7. Shell
8. Sime Darby

I went for PNB on 1st April. It was a CRTB. I forgot what CR stands for, but TB is Test Battery, which consisted of English, Maths and Visual Spatial IQ test. I answered everything. It was comparatively easier compared to Sime Darby (the one I went for my Trials result). As usual, I was not as good with Maths.

On 8th April, I went for JPA. It irked me for one thing, there were more questions asked in Malay. I was the last in line for the first group. It was like a simultaneous one-on-one interview. Most questions asked were about the Malaysian government, economy (well, owing to most of the people in the room wanted to take accountancy and economics) and JPA itself, and it felt weird because they didn't ask me that many questions due to time constraint. It was so so weird. The most memorable line from the panel. "nak mintak biasiswa dengan kerajaan, pasal kerajaan sendiri pun tak tahu. go back and do your homework", aimed at all of us in general. well, dah lepas dah.

From 9th to 12th I went to the NUBE training centre, Port Dickson for YTM selection camp. It was pretty simple, with lots of discussions in groups, singing and dancing. From that, I discovered that I was actually quite capable of restraining my anger. I think I didn't get called for the interview, which is the second stage.

13th, I went for Khazanah. A five-part test. I forgot what it's called. but, it was very interesting. I don't know whether I answered it wrong or right, and tak sempat answer 7 of the maths questions, which was damn damn damn easy, but time wasn't on my side, well, I'm a bit slow with Maths, and I left out 3 questions for visual spatial one, well, it took me some time to recognize the pattern, but all in all, I kind of enjoyed it. Khazanah has four stages, and  don't know if I could advance. Khazanah is pretty tempting you know.

I didn't get YTN or UEM. The only ones yet to know is Shell and Sime Darby. Both looking like a very slim chance of me getting it.

I was supposed to go for Petronas today, but well, Tronoh is a faraway place, and I don't have the heart to let my dad drive. He's not suppose to be moving around much, after the kidney stone removal procedure.

Anyway, that's about it, for now. Good luck to all my friends in UTP: Hakim, Shafizul, Aiman Yusoh, Omar, Baidhowi, Baihaqi, Hisham, Shahrul, Hairul, Adilah Nasir.....hermm..did I leave anyone out?

All the best. All that is left to do now is Tawakal for the future.

Oh, and I got an offer to Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College, and I'm not going.

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yup~tawakal in future