Friday, May 07, 2010

am 18, and I can talk dirty

no lahh!!! as if I've never talked dirty before...oops!

well, most people would say, "hey! you're 18! and you're legal now!"

legal for what?

18 is the time to try new things, haha..and all that 18SX, 18PL rated parental advisory shows are all yours to watch.

ooooooookayyy, but that's not my point. I'm not exactly hyped up about those things, as you very well know that our youth society is pretty much precocious nowadays.


2 more years until I'm 20.

Even so, at 18. some people already expect you to act like an adult.

I have yet to master driving, haha.


(now this is like a contemplative sajak tone. I mean the repeating '18' at intervals of sentences like this)

well, 18. an age that marks the beginning of important decisions to make.

JPA, bagilah scholarship tu....................

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