Friday, May 07, 2010

Full-Blown Hindustan Fairytale

well, if you want to get inspired go ahead, but there are a few facts about Asperger's Syndrome they got wrong. For one thing, Aspies (people who have the syndrome), like I read from House Rules, have a one-track mind, but in this movie, Shah Rukh Khan, who portrays a Muslim Aspie, had so much compassion and emotion for an Aspie.

The story-telling is great, but as the movie progresses halfway, it gets more illogical and 'heroic'. Although the concept was actually kind of good. I like the short and simple tagline: My name is Khan and I'm not a terrorist.

The story spans from the 9/11 incident right up to Obama's election. No, don't expect any real Obama or Bush to cameo in the movie.

All in all, Shah Rukh did a decent effort on protraying an Aspie. I've never actually seen an Aspie in action before, so, I can't be sure, but his acting is okay, believable which justifies why he is one of the 'heavy-weights' in Bollywood.

"My name is Rizvan Khan. Khan. From the epiglottis. Khan. Khan."

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