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The Bumper Book of Useless Information by Noel Botham.

If you're into trivia and facts, this is for you.

Honestly, I found it hard to retain any information after reading it, it's just TMI, and to the average people, they do seem like useless information, but it's actually great for killing time.

Sometimes, the facts are pretty amusing.

I also tend to question the truth of some of the facts, especially the ones about Malaysia, there's three of them, I think. (are we that exotic to end up in a trivia book?)

Sadly, like I said, I couldn't retain much information to pick out a few that I could highlight to you. and studiously trawling to it, doesn't seem like an option, I just tend to randomly pick out a page and read a fact.

Oh, and if you happen to read this book in public. Some people actually ask, "why are you reading a book of USELESS information for?"

There's also one about Sports. I forgot the title, and I don't bother getting off my bum to get it. It was interesting, because the topic was viewed from a hostorical and scientific light. Also good for trivia, and it's trivia with not just the facts, but the explanation as well.

Another book on review is Jodi Piccoult's House Rules. Honestly, she sucks at murder mysteries. It was SO SO SO Obvious of what really happened. I expected it.

Piccoult is a brilliant writer. Every analogy she made, hits the spot well, the emotions, the choice of words, the sentences were strung together to a point that you can't just leave the book well alone long enough for a break.

However, although I can't seem to put down Piccoult's novels until I finished it, after  read each one of her novels, I always felt bad at the pit of my stomach. My Sister's Keeper brought tears to my eyes, and so did Handle With Care. Although I didn't shed any tears for this book, but I still felt bad. Due to the fact that I could relate easily to some of those characters' emotions, and the fact that I've been through one heck of a drama in the novel.

However, being too brilliant in what she is good at, the plot seems to become too predictable. Her characters are just cutouts from her usual stereotypes. The mom who would move mountains for her disabled or diseased child, the sullen sibling who secretly longs for attention because the parents' world always revolved more around the diseased or disabled chld. and, they always end up in court, and that is where the drama ensues.

Anyway, the plus points of her book is that, it's very informative, especially in medical terms and the judisciary system in America. Do read it for that.

Oh, and I finally watched Time-Traveller's wife. It was saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.....and a fairytale marriage.

I know, it's all fictional, but then again, the cynic in me goes: "how can you only love ONE person for the rest of your life?"

not to say that I support promiscuity, but hey?

one side defends, "of course, it's possible, especially if the guy is someone really interesting, in this case, a time-traveller."

then, argues: "oh, but if he goes off time-travelling, you will somehow experience that loneliness. don't tell me you never long for a normal guy?"

That's why to me, it's a fairytale marriage, although it would be nice if it occured more often in real life. I mean the loving one person whole-heartedly thing and not the time-travelling thing.


Abesa007 said…
that bumper book thingy, has it any facts on how men spend their time during this football season? and how the women react? huahuahauahua


I havent read any blogs ever since I had the problem with my blogger password.

so i set up another blog, despite the fact that I hadn't write much lately =P and I started my reading last night.

1. Amir muhammad
2.che det
3.sinaga & the gang
4. today I read yours =D

because u write cool stuff!

Nana said…
thanks, really appreciate the compliment. it has been a while since I last blogged,and most of my posts are not as good as before. it lacks elaboration.haha

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