Friday, July 02, 2010


Abound by uncertainty
and relentless anxiety;
I look for peace in verses;
Praying it would show me from whithin, a compass

Stuck in this moment
where I sit in silence;
I think about amendments
and hope for an ocean of patience

I can paint a dream
as vivid as it seems
As to whether or not my feet could take me there,
unchallenged by obstacles and boundaries is anybody's guess

A journey of obscurity;
reality and fantasy,
two such different entities
a part of a bigger complexity
fate and destiny

my only weapons now
are my hopes and faith
I could fight, and all my fight's worth
is not mine to decide

In all perplexity of this ambiguity,
the only thing certain
is death
I seek refuge, salvation, peace
in verses holy.

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