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First Day of Insanity

CPU is damn busy. Yeah, and the community service to think about. This is first day:

I woke up at 5.45 am. I got myself ready at 6.15. Got on the bus and bus moves at 6.30 am. I reached there an hour earlier before my class started.

1st period was Advanced Functions with Ms. Cultraro, a twenty-something really pretty lecturer. Started off with ice-breaking. We were required to ask other people to answer Maths questions on a piece of paper. I know, they were simple maths and Add Maths, but my brain has been half-dead for so long, I was like, wha-? oh..God, I hope it doesnt happen again! I answered two questions incorrectly. Oh, and she told us to get the textbook, tomorrow we're using it. She said, actually they only allow original copies, but yeah, she knows we have a financial constraint, so she's going to pretend she didn't say anything, but if the Candian officers come and check up on us, it's gotta go into hiding. Original copies costs RM 215, the photostat version is about RM30-RM40. Second hand is RM100. Oh yeah, and luckily sponsor students don't have to buy the graphical calculator that costs a whopping RM 200? I think we will be provided.

2nd period was International Business Fundamentals with Ms. Hacker. She's really hip, the most fun lecturer I had so far. This is the smallest class size I've been in. Dickson's with me in the class, and it's so fun to have him. There were also MANY international students. And I was supposed to sit beside a KOREAN guy, NADIA and QISSU, DO ooze with jealousy of me. Not that I'm into Korean guys, but I know those two girls are like so hooked on K-Pop. Ms. Hacker actually made an effort to actually try remember our names. She asked us to introduce ourselves and say something to help her remember our names. So, since my name is Kamilah, and she pronounced it like Camilla, so I told her, think of Prince Charles' mistress, well, actually now she's his official wife. She asked us to open Blackboard 7 to print notes for tomorrow.

Both Ms. Hacker and Ms. Cultraro love to travel, that's for sure.

Next is Chemistry with Andrew Wong. He gave us a detailed explanation on how they calculate the evaluation for coursework. Points to note are:

1. Mode of calculation is Blended Median Calculation. So for each assessment, marks should not deviate or fluctuate to maintain a high median mark.
2. Unit test, which is conducted after every end of each unit (one unit at average is about 2 or 3 weeks long) has the highest weightage of 3.
3. By mid-sem, there will already be 2 unit tests, 5 quizzes, 2 assignments.
4. Monday is lab day. Goggles and lab coat will be provided, must show receipt.
5. For Chemistry, you are evaluated on Knowledge (25%), Application (25%), Thinking (10%) and Communication (10%)

Then, it's English, no, I hadn't any breaks in between, so it's rush, rush, rush to each class, so exhausted.

For English, we didn't do anything, Mr. Joshua James was so laidback. He asked us to buy a Grammar book, Lord of The Flies and Macbeth, and each one costing about RM 40 for original copy, but I don't have to buy it until next week. haiiyyoo..

So, today, I settled quite a few things, I got a few friends to buy the photostat version of Advanced Functions textbook, so I can get it at a cheaper price. Next one is Chemistry. AND I changed my timetable!

New timetable:

8-9.15 am (still start at friggin 8): Advanced Functions
9.15-10.30 am: Computer Science
10.30-11.45 am: Chemistry
11.45-1 pm: Break
1-2.15 pm: Eng3U

hoyeah..I don't have to do Business assignment!!!!! but then again, bye-bye Ms. Hacker, Dickson. C'mon, Business is not accepted as a requirement for Engineering.

So, next sem, what happens if I add Bio?

I miss school days. Books are subsidized and we can spend all we like on food.

okay, don't have that much time. am at cyber cafe.tata


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