Thursday, July 08, 2010


It's incomprehensible
I came to you like a dream
For a second,
I embrace you.

You reach out to touch me,
but like smoke,
I just slip through your fingers.

I catch a glimpse
of a confused expression.
I sink in guilt,
My heart broken.

it feels like coming to your window at night,
watching you sleep
hesitating if whether or not I should wake you,
but only to walk away in regret,
enclosed in a cloak of unintended seclusion.

Our moment seems too brief,
but it is what I made myself to grudgingly feel content with.
The wind shakes me of my existance.

For I am like smoke,
and I easily slip through your fingers.

Is it possible some day to catch me?
Keep me in a bottle,
and put me close to your heart.

For even if I can't feel you,
but with you, I feel home.

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