Thursday, July 01, 2010

I Found Self-Written Poems From My 2009 Diary

And I'm posting 'em here! Eh? I keep a diary? Well, those were the blog-less days. It's a good place to write your feelings down when you're feling upset and not wanting to let it out to anyone else. Oh, another eason I had it because I was so busy in 2009, plus secretarial work (har, har. Ironically they chose the person with the ugliest handwriting to do the job!).

Anyway, this one's entitled Awkward.

I tangled my shoelaces
in seven different places
I swear the cat got my tongue
and everybody's asking me "what's wrong?"

I guess it's pretty obvious
How silly I've been lately
The way I'm suddenly self-conscious
When you're hanging around with me

Why does it suddenly feel different?
When all this while we had been friends
now complicated by these stupid feelings
I wish I were dreaming

Did I just tell it to your face?
I've tried my best to keep it all inside
and throw it all away
So we'd be normal as always
Oh my God, I can't believe it.
I hope you're okay with it.

I know it's awkward, I admit it.

I wonder why I wrote this one, but I wrote most my poems during assembly. Well, the prefects sit at the front, and I'd always sit opposing with the principal and the PKs, so I wouldn't want to be caught sleeping, so I made myself busy.

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