Thursday, July 08, 2010

It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Well, I'm back from Kelantan, still a relentless ball of energy. weird.

I went back to school, I didn't see all of the teachers. Teacher Rozi is almost always not around everytime I returned to Kelantan. Suddenly, all those school memories came flooding back to me.

I could almost see my girls and I  celebrating Habibah's birthday with a snow-white cake at the Sick Bay. It ended abruptly when Amy stubbed her toenail that night.

I could see Jaja and I during afternoon prep, playing around at the garden, well, looks less like a garden now, in front of the library, pigging out on buah celagi.

I saw myself hanging around the pantry with the other kids, stuffing themselves with candy during recess.

I saw many things, you know, like your life flashes before your eyes thing.

Then, the 3 Alpha corridor. The cloudy starless night before Chemistry exam. The rush of emotions, the weakening in the knees, the shaking of the hands, the hot flushed face and cold sweat running down the neck. Simply unforgettable.

Is it because the fact that I'm about to begin college the day after tomorrow is dawning on me that I suddenly feel this way?

I know, I'd so much wanted to get out of school then, but today, I missed Faris Petra, it felt like home, it felt like family, but I know I couldn't come back to it. My time has passed.

I've been a vegetable for almost 8 months now. All the mere form of information I've been processing are song lyrics that I karaoke to. It's kind of worrying.

Oh, and SEMASA is VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING. I felt responsible for it, but there's nothing I can do about it, but I'm really really sad looking at it.

well, I'm kind of sleepy rright now, I'll update later.

te quiero faris petra. muchas gracias.

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