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I've been blogging a lot lately, mentang-mentang nak masuk college. I'm feeling sleepy, I know it's only 10 something.

anyway, I was just thinking about being multilingual. yes, in Malaysia, you're at least bilingual. BM and English.

When I was little, I used to love watching Chinese drama at night on TV2. I think it was usually aired around 9 PM. I remembered a few vaguely, Dragon Love, My Fair Princess and Jewel In The Palace.

I also enjoyed watching Spanish soaps usually aired around 1 PM, 3 PM onwards. La Intrusa, Maria Mercedes, Paula Paulina, Rosalinda, Juana La Viroen, Secreto De Amor, Mis Tres Hermanas, oh and others. Plus, my Ma's got Spanish textbooks lying around, and at that time, Las Ketchup just popped into the music scene.

Then of course, I started watching anime on AXN. Ranma 1/2, Ayashi No Ceres, You Are Under Arrest 2, Gensomaden Sayuki, Rave and all-time favorite Samurai X. My dad's got his Japanese textbooks lying around as well.

Oh and in Form Three, I just discovered the Korean drama, My Girl. It was kind of good, actually, the acting, the music score. So so much better than local drama. pffft! I just don't 'feel it' in local dramas, well, what is there to 'feel' about in the first place?
The person who's really multilingual is my Grandma on my mum's side of course: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, BM, Burmese, and she's currently taking up Arabic classes. I don't know what other languages shse's capable of, but she's got a flair for it, and she easily picks up languages. Oh, and don't mess with her on the Scrabble board. She'll whip your a** in a game.

I used to imagine I was a special agent of some sort, master of five languages and counting, or perhaps I travel everywhere learning cultures and languages. I love learning languages, at Faris, Arabic, French and Japanese was offered. Although I took up Arabic, I do pick up quite a few phrases from Japanese and French. Given if I had not many work to do and more time, Icould have taught myself more.

Despite all those shows and opportunities to learn different foreign languages, well, I am a master of none. Well, probably one, because I don't use it in conversations nor writing; there was never a 'formal' effort to learn it, most of it are just from TV; and studies related to public examinations are more important.
I find it interesting to learn languages and to be able to interchange between many languages.

Okay, sleep is catching up to me now. My sentences seem incoherrent. Oh well, I can edit later. Good night.


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