Wednesday, July 07, 2010

okayy..berlambak post bulan ni

I've started packing for college!

I have one big bag of clothes. Itu pun ada lagi yang belum cukup. I took out some. Well, I didn't know what to bring, I just put everything I felt like wearing, shortsleeved shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, blouses, jeans, slacks, tracksuits, I even brought two pairs of my nenek's kurung, because I haven't worn them yet. My tudungs of various colors, brooches. Hangars and clothes pegs. washing stuff, I'm missing a berus and baldi. and cadar. Toiletries. Another smaller bag of stationary, my mum's General Chemistry (God, I hate the typewriter font) and Calculus books (which of course, I tried reading, but I don't really get it), TOEFL textbook, just in case I decide to take it on my own, see how it goes with this ICPU thing first. I also brought my Form 5 Physics and Chemistry notes. I have yet to buy log books which  plan to use during lectures, they're a lot easier to manage compared to lose sheets of paper.

you know, when I was packing for school, it  was a lot easier because you know there are lots of things you couldn't bring. let's say, you wanted to bring your jeans, of course you know the school doesn't allow it, so you throw it out. Then you want to bring your blouse, or a nice tudung, "when will I ever actually get to wear it?" So, you throw that out too. Then, you want to bring your shorts, nah, you can't wear those, "the warden will spank me if ever I were caught dead wearing it" *chucks it out*. Then you want to bring fancy t-shirts, "nah, it's too short and rides up my butt, the warden will kill me for sure" *throws it out*. even if you want to bring a fancy kurung, you tell yourself, "nah, the kids will kebas this." *throws it out*. what are you left with? boring, plain kurungs and uniforms. everything in the bare minimum to keep you clothed according to regulations. voila.

but when there is no dress code. "I gotta bring this, I gotta bring that, heck no, I won't be caught dead wearing the same outfit (okay, no lah, I'm not obsessed to that extent)." The point is, you feel like bringing everything. when I was at school, one pair of shoes was all I had when travelling back and forth from school to home during holidays, because, well, that's all that's allowed, no stillettos, not that I wear those, but am just stating a point. Now, I'm like, okay, I have three sandals, one pair of heels, one pair of selipar jepun and two sneakers, do I bring all of it? Of course, I'm leaving some behind lah, but which one? I think I'm leaving my heels and wedges. now, one or two pairs of sandals?

I open my closet and I gathered all my t-shirts, then, I saw my blouses, God, gotta have those too, so  chucked in all my nterview blouses, I only left the white one at home. Then, I started taking out one or two blouses anad t-shirts. The pants, how many do I exactly need? and the short-sleeved shirts. I haven't counted my items yet, I ALWAYS count them.

I have yet to put in socks. Toothpaste and shampoo comes later. kain sembahyang and sejadah. I want to bring a Quran too. Then when I register, I'm gonna check out the place see if I can sneak in cooking utensils later on. aiyya maa.. pokai lo if everytime eat out. I bet the money comes in around August, by then, I'm going to need spare cash for the books, yeah, I'll probably just buy the photostat ones.

I'm all hyped up packing!

So, not yet done, like I've listed below regarding the borang, the kewangan thingy, the signing and dates, Taylor's(that one I'll need to clarify with JPA) then the sijil full colors.

oh yaaaa... tomorrow am going to Kelantan to pick up my bro, my school mag, say au revoir to my teachers, then come back to KL on the same day, probably sleep in on Friday morning, Saturday register. fast!

so, tonight, am not goingt to get some sleep, because it's GERMANY vs. SPAIN!!!!!!!!

let's see if Paul The Octopus was right.

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