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Welcome To College

First of all, I'm staying at Casa Subang.

and it's creepy.


1. dimly-lit hallways
2. lots of blacks, damn I sound racist, some of them do get drunk.

my room is:

1. cramped
2. hot

I HAVE YET TO FIND A CALENDER AND A PLANNER. grr.... takkan aku nak jalan pergi Summit, letih wo.

So, next time I go back home, I need to get some more stuff.


Tomorrow my class starts. YAY!

My temporary schedule, that is, if I can change it la:

Friggin' 8.00 am to 9.15 am: Advanced Functions (oh, Cikgu Zakiah, I remember how sleepy I was in your Add Maths class in the morning, now no more)

9.15 am to 10.30 am: International Business Fundamentals (why laa?? Bot got Computer Science, no fair)

10.30 am to 11.15 am: Chemistry

I forgot the time, but after that it's English. I finish around 1.

But for Orientation week, we have all these workshops in the afternoon at 3 to 4, oh, and LOTS of workshop, so, still have to stay back..

anyway, I miss Muja. She will always follow me when it comes to food, perempuan di sini semuanya diet.

I miss Amylea because she knows a good bargain when she sees one at any stores. yes, my all time teman outing, Hanani.

I miss Jaja for those midnight jokes.

oh yeah, and I bet INTEC smells like BUDU.

okay, then. I don't have much time. I'm at the cyber cafe. so will log out now. tata.


at-toriQ said…
ayyy ayyy!
welcome to subang!
super hectic-hate it so much!

erk, bykkan bersabar k?

nway, selamat tempuhi episod baru my dear kam!

Q said…
enjoy at taylors kam ;)
Jimmy Asyraf said…
Awak dapat program CPU ni under scholarship apa?
Nana said…
Hi Jimmy Asyraf sorry for the delayed reply. This is under JPA Engineering, but rasanya sekarang dia dah stop hantar Canada for engineering.
Nana said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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