Friday, August 27, 2010

homework over the weekend

1. advanced functions (God, so much work!)

2. English: Lord of the Flies second draft (add citations-and I didn't bring my friggin' file back home) and ISU novel read-up

3. Chemistry lab report. When I get back to Casa, I have to rpint the summary thingy.

4. EAP compare and cotrast essay on two American Idol winners' career.

5. Compter Science notes on BB7 read-up.

so NOT an enjoyable holiday. Yeah sleeping in was bliss, but in the end, I feel wasted. I needed that, but still. This is what CPU does to you. Had I finished everything, I'd certainly enjoy it more, in fact ten-fold compared to my SPM break, and I surely wouldn't complain of being bored. That's what I love about CPU, but in this condition now..hurhh..sabar jelah..

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