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Day 01

Yeah, I'm doin' that 30-day challenge thing for fun.

1. Recent photo of me.

(I tell you, this is very recent at the moment I am typing this post).

I went out with Jaja and Che Dah today at Midvalley. There were Christmasy decorations and lots of huge teddy bears. I ripped out that bear's heart. hahah. no lah.

2. 15 facts about me.

haissyyy...narcissism alert!

1- I hate Taugeh. (obvious fact number one)
2- My biggest enemy is my temper.
3- I love Yellow Cab pizza, thanks to Eddy for introducing it to me.
4- I love keropok lekor forever. I will not tire of eating it.
5- I love spaghetti. Another food fact, I must be hungry.
6- I believe in female empowerment.
7- I believe that my religion is not a form of oppression, nor is it rigid and limiting.
8- I am a born rebel.
9- I tend to hurt the ones I love. 
10- I am currently experiencing an identity crisis and a mild split personality disorder.
11- I have vowed to stop cussing.
12- I am proud of my ability to speak Kelantanese. I have no friggin' idea why.
13- I don't like being tied down.
14- I have yet to rid of my prejudice of a 'certain' group of people. Well, I don't want to be a bigot! No, it has nothing to do with interracial issues whatsoever because it concerns my own race.
15- I am also starting to believe that the society thinks its better for me to keep my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself in order to avoid conflict although it will make me feel like a hypocrite.

okay, done.


Abesa007 said…
i hate taugeh too... i prefer kangkung over that...

#15: hurmm... its ok

*I love Coldplay, a rush of blood to the head is my favorute album XD hahaha LOL

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