Sunday, December 05, 2010

DAY 02

The meaning behind my blog name:

I've had many blog names in the past. It all started off with Nana's World, and so far, I've maintained my url as such. Nana was my pet name. I didn't know why when I was small, I insisted people to call me by that name. And it was my dad who gave that name. I was only 12 when my dad opened up this blog account.

Then after yearsss.....I can't remember in what year, but towards the end of my highschool years, I changed it to La Tahzan, which means "don't be sad" in Arabic. I was crazy over Ayat-Ayat Cinta that time, and they keep giving motivational books as prizes for doing well in your exam. I was jealous that my friends got better books than I did, like La Tahzan and Quran Saintifik.

Later I changed it to Gambar Gajah on impulse. It sounded funny.

Now, I've changed it to Crossroads and A Rush Of Blood To The Head. Crossroads because I am at an important phase in my life where I have to make important decisions (feel the pressure) and A Rush Of Blood To The Head, because I was listening to Coldplay's song of that same title.

I think I'll change it to "Holding On and Letting Go" later...

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