Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 18

Plans/dreams/goals that I have.

Short term:

1. Finalize OUAC.


1. Study Physics really well. That goes the same for Calculus and ENG4U. am so gonna be a nerd when school starts.
2. Do well on my IELTS and OSSLT. Target for IELTS band 8. (should I do the essays I owe Miss Chin?)
3. Graduate CPU with a 90+ average.

Long Term:

1. Graduate with a Biomedical Engineering degree. (the plan is to go all the way to Phd).
2. Get a job.

Fun stuff:

1. Learn to play a guitar and post one song on youtube.
2. learn to drive properly.
3. go places in Canada.

marriage? I'll leave that aside. I'm a girl on a mission. There's too much to experience in life than being tied down.

hopefully all goes well.


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