Friday, June 17, 2011

Bright as Day, Black as Night

Yesterday, I finished my CPU Final Physics exam! So, my girls and I went for a movie night. We wanted so badly to watch X-Men, but the seats were out, so we settled for Green Lantern at the first two rows. Oh my God, I will not be sitting at those front rows ever again, it was a strain on my eyes and a strain on my neck, and on my ears.

Green Lantern started off kinda cheesy, with the "legend" background voice over of the story setting. It was like, lame, but layan je since it was from a comic book anyway, so it was supposed to sound cheesy. Then, yaddy yadda, meet Hal Jordan, aka, hot stuff. So far, all movies with Ryan Reynolds in it that I've watched just have him at least half-naked.

The story started off quite badly in terms of plot, but the ending and the CGI doesn't disappoint. Go watch it for Ryan Reynolds and the spectacle. The villain does instill fear even in the viewers. Or was it because I was seated so up front with my peeps?

Anyhow, 5/10 for storyline, 7/10 for animation, overall 6/10 for an okay movie, it wasn't even funny, but I still gave it a 6 because Ryan Reynolds is just too damn hot. I kept laughing at those stuff with Physics terms in it, I mean, what a way to end a day of Physics exam right?

"Gravity is a bitch."

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