Monday, August 08, 2011

McMaster Timetables

I just got em today, and I made my own timetable with colored sections in them:

Term 1. Note: the EOW at 2.30 Tuesday is meant for Chem. I missed that one.

Term 2

Engineer 1A00, is Core 2, 2D - it's not in the timetable and will be announced later, it said. 

Regarding abbreviations,

ABB- A. N. Bourns Science Building
BSB- Burke Science Building
JHE- John Hodgins Engineering Building
MDCL- Micheal G. deGroote Centre for Learning and Discovery
TSH- Togo Salmon Hall
KTH- Kenneth Taylor Hall
ETB- Engineering Technology Building
ITB- Information Technology Building

Campus Building Map:

no, you can't actually click on highlighted buildings to see classroom, I just stole this image from Google. and there are other buildings too not included here.
Here's a vid of the acronyms and the buildings:

McMaster Acronym Guide from joy santiago on Vimeo.

Well, all left to do now is:

-Send passport to JPA
-Buy yellow ribbon
-Buy some kuih raya
-Finish packing
-Organize file
-Bukak buku sikit

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Dina said...

Ni Nana dari St John dulu kan? Ni Dina!! Ingat tak dari tahun 2008? I google nama I then I saw my picture!! :')