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This Is Super Sleazy

I just copy pasted my own post from here. 

Hey, I'm beginning my 3rd month here in Canada. It has yet to snow and is currently fall season. Temperature fluctuates between 18 degrees to even slightly below subzero. At 2 degrees there's already frost on the lawn in the mornings. Come snow time, there'll be more pictures.

Last I posted was for Raya Puasa. So, now I'm updating on Raya Haji. Selamat Hari Raya to those celebrating, and yeah, happy holidaying Malaysia. Have fun with all the meat-based delicacies. hehe. Well, here they don't really have it on such a large scale, and nope, no holiday for the occasion either.

So far, uni life has been hard. I'm sure by SPM, most of you will be saying to yourselves, "oh boy, I can't wait to get out of this crappy prison and get a life! yeah, uni will be so much better. no curfew. nobody to tell you what to do. no compulsory attendance to lectures, more free time, more freedom, etc. etc. "

Well, I'll tell you that that's partly true, but it's not really all fun and games. Fact is, you'll continue to be working hard for the rest of your lives until you die. In fact, it gets harder. There's no more miss class for a week and you can still catch up by the end of the year. Oh no no no no. If you're sick and tired of teachers chasing your tails and the teachers arranging your prep time, well here, tutorials are not at all like prep. You get assessed for every tutorial. Uni is such that it requires you to be prepared to be assessed everyday. So you really need to be ahead of your game.

Then again, like every other years in school, you'll get used to it eventually, but it's not easy. There will be depressing moments where you'll feel like quitting, but you gotta learn to find your own motivation and keep it going, no matter how steep the slope. After all, what have all those years of school been for if it was not for this?

It seems almost surreal that I am here today. All this while during my school life, I hear stories of my seniors going off to see the sights, and I can hardly believe I'm part of it now. So, why let the opportunity go to waste? And yeah, I am thankful to God that I got this opportunity and I am grateful to everyone involved: my parents, JPA and my teachers, especially from Faris Petra. I am here today because of you. I have to admit, I  am doing well in my elective course because I remembered Sejarah Form 4. hahaha. So yeah, let's hope I can keep up my grades. I'm always thinking of you lovely people and my friends from Kelantan. I miss Kelantan pretty badly, although Hamilton is "sort of" my Pengkalan Chepa now, and Toronto's my KL. Don't ask why Hamilton is my Pengkalan Chepa, I can't really put a finger on why I think of it that way, but definitely there's no Nasi Kerabu stalls here.

So, I'll leave you with that thought. Here are a few pictures from Hamilton, ON Canada.

This is Webster's Falls.

The houses where I live.

McMaster University!


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