Monday, July 01, 2013

Kam's Counter-Usrah Movement. a.k.a. C.U.M. ("Hardly-fantastic-attempt-to-conceal" Innuendo)

1. The objective is to allow one to be spiritual in their own way. We believe in the philosophy that every individual is different and is free to pursue his own way to God. Faith is essential and is unmeasure-able by any human standards, except God's. This is for deviant non-conformists to conventional approach to cultivation of spirituality called "usrah".

2. The modus operandi is for the individual to contemplate his own relationship with God. i.e. it starts off with meditating on "What do I understand about God ?" and "How do I relate to Him ?" and "Do I really believe for certain in a God ?" and "If I do believe, am I certain that I love Him ?" and "what comes next after that ? " This modus operandi is the anti-thesis of the typical usrah where their mantra has always been "you fake it until you make it." Their pedagogy lies in the lack of faith in its own members to contemplate spirituality. i.e. they have no capacity within themselves to think about theology, they rely on a religious figure to tell them things regarding fiqh. Critical thinking is not allowed. You only obey. What's more important to you is empty ritual and getting a soleh spouse, only when you have fully accustomed with the ways of the usrah and attain recognition and favor of the head of your piety due to conforming to the uniformity of line of thinking with the rest of the pack, then do you not only have the authority to comment on religious issues, but only then do you have the capacity to think of more "philosophically-heavy" issues of "What is God ?" and "Why do I serve Him ?" At the noob level, the correct answer would be "because I don't want to be thrown into hell fire" (and I don't want to be ditched by the group).

3. Emphasis is placed on individual effort. There is no need for a master-disciple relationship nor a friendship-till-jannah obligation amongst members, nor any need to regularly meet to enforce ties between members to the point that one feels obligated to serve and be one of the pack every time.

4. Discussions may be of any topic. Who knows, maybe one can find contemplation of tawheed from unexpected things, say, of reggae songs.

5. There is no need for progress check. One's own progress is of one's own responsibility and is between oneself and one's God.

6. There is no importance nor necessity of discussions in trying to get more members into the group, nor of efforts of trying to get members to stay. There shall be no "branding" on members, asking them to follow one line of thinking and calling for base-less slacktivism like changing your Facebook profile picture to show solidarity, or seasonal boycotts.

7. There shall be no tolerance for bigotry, nor speeches of hell fires and brim stones.

8. Remember, this counter-usrah is not intended to turn out into just another usrah, so there is no need for any effort of forming an organisational structure. We're anarchists like that. There is no need for regular sessions. This is merely an alternative approach in cultivating spirituality, based on individualistic methods rather than via an organized movement known as "usrah". and if you think running a country is like running a nationwide "usrah", well, think again.

9. Feel free to disagree. What works for you, may not necessarily works for others. Diversity is encouraged. We celebrate differences. Critical thinking is encouraged, and respect is paramount.

10. Lastly, have faith in faith.

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