Friday, July 05, 2013


Books I've read this summer :

1. Ulum Quran from the previous post
2. I, Too, Am Malay by Zaid Ibrahim
3. The Boys Who Saved the World
4. Lisa Randall's Warped Passages
5. Brian Clegg's Infinity
6. 100 Essential Philosophers

Oh wow, what slow progress, but at least it's better than the regular term where I only managed two books in 8 months, compared to getting through 6 in two months, which makes 3 in a month so roughly, a week++ for each book.

Man, I used to finish books within 2 to 3 days or even in a day, and I'm talking 300-400 pages book in one day. This is making me feel old.

On to read list :

1. Syed Hossein Nasr's Islam In The Modern World
2. Islam, Jihad and Gender Issues
3. The Four Imams
4. Kitab al-Iman
5. Unifying Truths of World Religions
6. The Shroud Codex
7. The Scientists
8. My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk
9. Civilization by Niall Ferguson
10. Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol
11. Geraldine Brook's People of the Book
12. Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine

So much backlog. Until I can finish all these 12 books, I can't buy new ones. *note to self*

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