Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Different Worlds

It just occurred to me, that despite sharing the exact same experiences, two people may perceive and change differently.

I always thought that naturally, my being away overseas, having the opportunity to see and experience things and meet people that my peers who stayed home couldn't, they and I would have changed world views.

Being in school, uniformity is demanded, and there's not much difference from how one person sees things from another, or at least, even if there were any difference, you can sort of understand why you think differently from your peers.

Being away, I have no idea what these people go through, and I always ended up with the conclusion that "they and I are of different worlds now, I had the opportunity to see things and meet people that they couldn't. They couldn't understand because they didn't have that chance, but if they did, they would have, might have felt the same."

Bu then I look at my peers who goes through about the same experience as I do, being overseas, and I realized that what I concluded was not exactly right, because even people who do share the same experiences with me, can also perceive things differently and change so differently from me that in our own little bubble we become of different worlds.

I don't know why as I grow older, with more passing time, with more alienation, I begin to see more common ground with people considered so foreign to my own people, yet with my own people, I begin to see a much bigger divide and alienation. There is a discord, a dissonance between my idea of an identity and their idea of identity.

It's not that I cannot tolerate differences, but sometimes, some differences cannot meet halfway.

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InMine said...

the concept of multiple realities. There is only one truth but there exist multiple realities based on the different paradigms hold by different people.