Friday, September 20, 2013

The Undoing

You were the breath caught in my throat,
The unconfident lies that I spoke, 
I’m pretty sure it was obvious,
The betrayal of my face
To what my heart feels
That I tried not hard enough to conceal.

I’m pretty sure the awkward smile that broke on my lips
Made naked my pleasure of seeing you up close like this

You were the stuff of my juvenile fantasies,
The excitement that tingled the skin,
I’m pretty sure it was obvious,
The infatuated mess that I’d become
Whenever you come around
And all of my brave front would come undone

I’m pretty sure the eager sideward glances and lingering eyes
Made bare of my covetous intention of you; no surprise.

You are the irreconcilable distance,
The ever hanging sentence,
I’m pretty sure it is obvious,
That you are a fleeting moment,
The enticing past,
The mesmerising present,

But you are an unattainable future. 

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