Saturday, November 16, 2013


Writing poetry a lot lately. I don't know why the inspiration just comes in bursts. The previous ones are about a person who's having regrets and who is a little afraid to love. This one is about a person obsessed with another person, right at the other end of the spectrum. Kind of busy with school, but some thoughts that I push to the back of my mind sometimes resurfaces at the weirdest times. I guess writing poetry helps me to sort it out and get it out of the system, and just let those "characters" speak through the poems. Some of the characters represent the different thoughts I have, some of them are basically other characters that I observe and then I wear their shoes for the time. These different characters take on multiple perspectives and may be divergent from each other. So, at times it seems like "I" have split personalities. I just like writing in first person, so there's lots of "I's". For this one, this "I" came up cuz I find that people morph into really weird creatures when they're blindingly in love. I see that in people I've been with, in myself at some degree, which I really hate and try to control, and also in some of my friends. It makes me wonder if all humans are generally susceptible to this or it depends on the individual, or if it's just specific to the individual, or if it's inherent. I wonder if there really is a "rational" way to love that makes sense. I mean, infatuations are for the high school kiddies, surely it must get progressively more mature as you age aite ? Or is it that same kind of madness through and through but takes on a different manifestation ? Oh and stuff in this poem is highly exaggerated, so, it's not particularly representative of my current reality. 

I swear it must be some kind of madness
I see your jacket in the crowd
And my tongue itches with your name
Boy I friggin know what this is
In case you haven’t heard
I’m fallin for you once again

Now excuse me you should be aware
In my mind I’m entitled to you now
Your calls, your attention, and your presence
You can’t run away, don’t you dare
I’m getting to you, I don’t care how
I want you and all of your essence

No I’m not sick in the head
I’m just a little too obsessed about you
Maybe a little territorial too
Now don’t be afraid
Cuz worship and devotion
Is all I’m gonna do for you

I swear it must be some kind of madness
I’m losing my sense of self
And all I think of is getting close to you
Boy I friggin know what this is
To call it love’s not enough
Don’t you know I’m enslaved to you

But then you tell me you’re setting me free
Don’t get me wrong
To possess you in entirety
I’d have given up my individuality
A kind of a Faustian deal
And I’m just giving in

I swear it must be some kind of madness
Your face is etched in my mind
And your voice oh it rings in my ear
Boy I friggin know what this is
I get it all the time
This madness for you, dear

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