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Recap of Third Year

I just finished all my exams, I'm trying to get myself sorted. A trip to Vancouver happening soon in a few days woohoo. I'll try to find jobs after I get back from vacation, else, I'll probably think about what to do after that.

So far, to sum up my academic year:

First term left me battered, but I turned out fine in the end, and true to my track record, my second term is so much worse than my first term performance wise. I guess robotics and control systems is not my strongest suit. I should probably stick to programming and/or computer engineering courses.

I had 5 in a row first term, second term, they decided to give me 4 in a row, and it still wasn't easier. I did badly for both exams that I had on the same day. I was actually kind of disappointed, no, actually, I'm pretty depressed, that I did badly because I had a lot of fun learning those two courses, but I guess I was really burnt out at that point.

Anatomy wasn't as interesting as first term, but overall, I enjoyed the course. It's not everyday that an engineer gets a taste of what the medicine kids learn, and have an opportunity to ace it too. I was technically not as busy as I was in first term, schedule-wise, but I had  a lot more of outside class learning to do. Last term I struggled with anatomy, but this term I actually spent less time for anatomy and more time struggling for engineering courses. Now that I have no more non-engineering courses for fourth year I could hopefully focus all my energy on engineering, similar to what I did in second year, and second year turned out a success, so hopefully, staying true to that kind of track record, I could probably make up for this term.

Third year indeed was a whole notch more challenging than second year. At some point I was about to break down thinking that I won't make it to grad school. Well, I still kinda am, right now, but I still have one last shot next year.

Other aspects than school hasn't been particularly fruitful either, which kind of left me with a lack of source of motivation. I really do have to only rely on my own capability to internally motivate myself when everything else around me doesn't seem so peachy. (lol. peachy.)

All in all, content wise, this year has been pretty interesting had it not been for the horrible exam schedule, although I have to say that after having two ordeals of back to back exams in one week, although I got really mad at it at first, it helped to discipline me to actually make a working study schedule and sticking to task better if I had actually a week gap before each exam, and of course it further made my inner clock move at a faster pace and I get impatient really fast with people. I can't even stand it if I have to slow down my pace so I'd walk side by side with another person.

Content-wise, I had a myriad of subjects, anatomy, microelectronics, control systems, robotics, ethics, electromagnetics. It was a stark change from second year since most of the subjects are circuit analysis and programming and pretty much setting my brain into engineering mode at all times, to the point that I feel like I've lost my eloquence in writing. I actually toyed with the idea of volunteering for writing blog pieces, then I think of my own blog and how crappy my writing has been lately, I said, nope, but at the same time, if I were actually offered such a position this summer I'd probably take it, it's an opportunity to brush up my writing, and of course, something worthwhile to do.

Though I'm looking forward for fourth year, it'll probably be hardcore engineering subjects non-stop, though I'm debating if I should tack multivariable control systems as a technical elective looking at my performance this term, but then again, being the balls person that I am, I can't resist an academic risk to push myself, hence, that was what happened to this term though. I could've gotten away with 4 subjects comfortably, but nope, I just had to add another one to see how far I could handle it. Note to self, if there exists any conflicts, it's wiser not to go ahead with it because relying on your friends' notes suck. You can only rely on yourself to take good notes for yourself despite you being half asleep and your handwriting sucks.

I'm sorry, I've only been thinking of my academics really because I kind of have a one track mind set on accomplishing my goals owing to the fact that it's really nerving that my next five years seem really uncertain. Moving on from undergrad is not the same as moving on from primary school to secondary school and from secondary school to preuniversity and from preuniversity to undergrad. Hopefully I get stuff sorted out eventually. For now, let's go on vacation.


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