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well, this is one of those bittersweet moments I've ever had in Faris.

brace yourself for a LONG one.

For one thing, I was never given any posting at all during my primary school, and certainly not as a prefect.

I was a prefect in Form 3, and due to that, I had to forfeit two postings: one as the ahli lembaga koperasi, and secondly as the school librarian, a posting which I coveted so much!

Truth be told, I felt like a miss fit. I didn't belong in prefects, and I wasn't suppose to be one.

The story goes like this...........


It all began before Muja, Me, Syakir, Nafis, Aiman and Afiq left for the KWN finals in Form 2. Cikgu Paridah called me in secret, after she was done with all the interviews with the Form 1 prefect candidates. She asked me wether I wanted to be one, and of course, I said yes, although I knew the 'risks' of being a prefect. I may not live the life I had, but I was desperate to get out of my old dorm, to be getting an extra credit.

However, I was very much aware that I didn't cut it, yeah, at that time people were like going off that I was a potential candidate due to my results and co-curricular performance, and my 'skema' appearance, although I don't really have a clean discipline record. Yep, I have a few in Form 1, which includes not praying at the mosque, being in the sick bay without permission, ponteng prep, sleeping at other people's dorms, ponteng solat terawikh, being late (well, actually I've always been late, even more when I'm a prefect!) to name a few.

Of course, Cikgu Paridah knew all about that, which was why she didn't really wanted me in. Before we left, she said, "it's fine if you can't be one. We don't have places. oghe biso doh tak perlu jawatan pun takpe." I was fine with it.

So, after KWN, an incident happened, which nearly made me want to leave the school for good. Me and my dad went to see the principal, Wan Hamzah at that time, and the principal convinced me not to leave. He also offered me the prefect post, and of course, how could I say no in front of my dad?

Right after that, one morning after the Form 3 students returned from their after-PMR trip from Langkawi, Cikgu Paridah called all the students at the TV room to check for handphones, and she told everyone to write down names of people who brought handphones. Luckily for me, I didn't trust anyone at that time, and I didn't tell anyone, and I actually had it with me in my bag at that time. As I walked out the TV room, I thought to myself, am I suppose to feel guilty, or must it be a good feeling to actually be getting away with it?

Then on the next day, I had Sejarah test in the Science lab, Cikgu Azaman sent Kurin to call me to see him at the Dataran Warden. I had a guilty feeling when I went to see Cikgu Azaman because I cheated on the Science paper when he was invigilating my class at that time.

This was what Cikgu Azaman said: "well, when the principal wants you to do something, you can't go against him. I know we've said that we didn't want to take you in, although your name was on the list of candidates, but I'd like to know why Cikgu Paridah does not recommend you."

Seriously, I don't have anything against Cikgu Paridah, I know I don't deserve the posting, but well, who wouldn't refuse?

So, Cikgu Azaman was, I guess he was trying to scare me with the commitment thing, but I put on a brave faca and said that I'd take it. So began my career as a prefect.

At the final prefect meeting for 2006, all the new recruited prefects were called as well. I was apparently the only Form 2, and I had my handphone with me at that time.

At first, I was afraid that Cikgu Paridah would have anything against me, but I tried my best not to get into trouble with her.

In Form 2, before I joined the Prefect Bandwagon, the female prefect line-up consisted of: Muja, Farah Wahidah, Hannan, Liyana, Aisyah, Atiq and Ya.

In Form 3, Farah Wahidah left our school, so I took her place.

This was the picture for SEMASA. Faisal, the headboy at that time wasn't in it, because he was suspended and wearing a white uniform. Mirul was vice and Kak Pikah was headgirl.

It was a bit awkward at first, because I wasn't really close to the prefects, and I kind of lived in an 'anti-prefect' environment for two years. I felt out of place, and I had to adapt, and I know that the prefects weren't really comfortable with me, and hadn't really expected me there.

The dorm was a lot more comfortable, thank God, we had single beds, and our own table. I was in c2-4 for two years, and in Form 3 I switched to c2-3, which was just beside my old dorm. I was wearing a blue uniform for the first time, kind of thrilled because I could ditch the white school uniform that I had outgrown and my labuh white tudung.

The duties were a bit hard to cope with at first because I wasn't used to it, there were times when I've forgotten about it and was scolded for it. We had this partner system, and my first partner was Kak Ijoh, followed by Kak pipah in the second half. I couldn't remember who my partner was in Form 4 though. I think I was with Wafaa. early this year I was paired with Shai.

There were also times when I didn't really agree with the prefect order, well, there were some 'kepincangan' that were overlooked because they were too egoistic to admit. So, I was labeled the prefect without the 'Semangat Prefect'.

I was also in 3 Lambda, which made it a lot worse, because if you can't beat them, join them kind of thing, and I didn't want to be ostracized because I was a prefect. Sometimes during Saturday morning inspections, the prefects would go dorm by dorm at their designated floors to check the dorms, my classmates would often ask me to check their lockers because I wouldn't bother looking as hard. Yeah, who would want to go through other people's lockers and drawers looking at their UNMENTIONABLES?? It's gross.

The one and only Kursus Prefect I've been to was in Form 3, and it was tons of fun. It was organized by Izzat's mum. I was in the same group with Rafiq, Majid, Citok, Pok Yah, Azrien Naim, Dayat (leader), Farrah Idayu, hurmm..who else? we were called 'Master peace' and the shogun at that time was we call him 'bun'.

On the first night, I was running around in a tight skirt during the Synergy game, got wet on the second day at the pool...what else?

Hurm, what else happened in Form 3?

well, I got to know Liyana, who I've always respected her for her principled view on life and discipline, and who is also a lot of fun. It would always be me, Liyana and Ya who would stay up at night together, listening to the radio, and the two of them would always be well equipped with a mug of coffee.

After PMR, the prefects collaborated with PRS and BPI for the Program Sekolah Angkat with SK Pos Brooke. You can read about it here.

well, yeah, at that time, I have never given thought to my actions, I never realized what consequences they brought, I just did things because I thought they were alright to do, and I didn't care wether I was a prefect or not, or wether I broke the rules. There were a few times my 'ehem, ehem' passed me his handphone so he could call me at night, and there was one night he let me borrow his mp4, and of course, I left my dorm for elsewhere so that my fellow prefects wouldn't know what I was up to.

The most unforgettable incident was the BIG FIGHT before PMR.

The story goes like this:

The boys saw some girls hanging around by the window with no curtains drawn, you get what I mean. Cikgu Paridah was so pissed off, she went straight to my dorm to interrogate Ya. At that time I just finished talking to my 'ehem, ehem' at that time. Close call.

The very next day, my 'ehem, ehem' passed his handphone to me through Din right in front of Jinah, who was well known for what Mr. Hamdany, our ex-PK HEM calls 'hardcore-ness'.

Nobody has ever known about me bringing my handphones before, and that kind of spoiled it. News spread like wildfire.

At the same time, there was a rumour that another group of girls were involved in the 'window incident'. The other night I just finished my conversation on the phone with 'ehem, ehem' and was heading upstairs to my dorm. Little did I know, a big fight was going on between c2-8 and c2-7.

I was dragged into it because I was accused of spreading the rumours to the boys. Oh God, I didn't know how much trouble I was in for. Liyana, who was aware of what was going on, told me to hide under the bed. The next thing I knew, and angry mob (I'm not exagerating!) was looking for me, pounding on the door, kicking the walls. Cikgu Paridah wasn't there at that time. Thank God Liyana saved my life! The other prefects were surprised of what happened, and I was forced to own up and tell them everything, especially about the phone.

I vowed to return it the next day, and call the relationship off.

The very next day, the angry girls called me and Ya to their dorm to settle it. yeah, there were a lot of yelling and sourpussing later on, but I guess, it was settled?

I returned the phone, and yeah, I got into trouble because right after PMR news spread in the teacher's room about me seeing him. It's a good thing after Cikgu Paridah returned, she heard my side of the story first. She was kind of disappointed, but at least she credited me for having the guts to confess to her before she found me out.

So from that day on, I said to myself, it's time to be a better prefect. My God, it was a nightmare.

I remember there was a time she told the form 3 prefects to help fill in the discipline book, and I remember writing my own name in it. How ironic.

Form 4, I didn't do any hanky panky and I moved to 4 Alpha, so all was right. It was also very eventful, what with the lawatan from other schools and what-not. Liyana and I were in charge of the Bilik Ujong, Muja and Aisyah were in charge of the bun sales, whereas Atiq and Ya were in charge of the duty asrama.

In form 3, we had the dorm to ourselves, in form 4, we were placed in c2-2 and we had to share with one form 2 at that time, Pak Cik Mede's daughter Anis Zakiah. She was a lot of fun, she liked to make drinks, sometimes tea, sometimes sunquick, I remember one night when all of us ate keropok with chilli sauce.

In Form 4, Zainurin Boboyummy was headboy and kak Madhiah was headgirl, next year in 2010, Hamman, kak Madhiah's brother will be headboy.

Anyway, in Form 4, they were planning an excursion to Gunung Kinabalu, but didn't work out and went to Gunung Tahan instead. I didn't join well, because I was chicken! There, I admit it!

There were lots of meetings and pembentangan in the board room, either for lawatan or discussions. I couldn't remember exactly what school came, we were out of class most of the time, there were also some lawatan that I didn't bother to join and ran away from.

Then, at the second half of the year, KJ came and wanted to have a meeting with the prefects, Izzat was absent and I was the temporary 'ketua biro bilik gerakan'. Crazy huh? I suggested for a new room and we got it this year, but it resulted in a smaller SAC. :-(

And so began the power struggle in Form 4, everybody is so determined to do a good job to get credited for a higher posting in the exco next year. I wasn't so intersted in it, yes, serious! I'm not being humble, sometimes, people always said that I favoured Redax more over prefects.

I tried to ask Sir Rodi, my chemistry teacher, who is now the newly-appointed prefect advisor, wether if I could quit, but he convinced me not to do so.

Some of us even had conflicting interests, and yes, I had a spat with Izzat, luckily it was temporary and we're friends now, and he turned out to have good chemistry in the debate team.

Man, that was a long history. This was from our Jamuan at PCB Resort. The most extravagant one yet!

In Form 5, I was the vie secretary alongside Aiman Naim as the secretary. Ya was supposed to be the Vice Treasurer alongside Izzat as the treasurer, but she had to leave us, and so the new vice treasurer was Zaleha. Syuhadah was the Vice captain for Razak, with Dani as the Razak Captain. Fikri Hisyam and Atiq for Rahman. Muja and Amin for Hussein, and Hannan and Afiq for Mahathir. Rafiq as the Vice headboy with Syakir as Headboy and Aisyah as Headgirl. I am still surprised that Syakir voted me for headgirl last year. the other form five boys were ketua biro, the other new addition were Ustaz Baihaqi, Pijo and Sarjan.

Later in the year, Izzat and Syahmi left the bandwagon due to a discipline case: jump.

Sadly, we didn't have any kursus this year.

I spent a lot of my holiday time staying in the prefect's dorm, c2-1 especially with Zaleha. This year, our adik dorms were Mai and Mira.

right up to the end, I stayed in the dorm with Muja, Syuhadah and Zaleha, although Hannan, Atiq and Aisyah left for other dorms. There came a point when Muja said the dorm was so quiet like a kubur.

There was a time when I went into a fit due to a very high fever, and I'd really liked to thank Cikgu Paridah, Cikgu Mazinah and my dorm mates for taking care of me at that time. Yeah, I was disgustingly sick with snot all over my clothes and face!

Anyhow, the issues that had always been brought forth during prefect meetings had always been about integrity, students discipline and respect for prefects, which have yet to be resolved.

all in all, what I learnt from being a prefect is:

1. obviously, discipline

2. to be more confident in giving opinions

3. to be more courteous in giving comments or constructive criticism

yeah. That's about it. Towards the end of the year, I heard that some of the juniors said that I was 'bengkeng'. wow. That's unexpected. So, kids, now that you've read this post, I'm not exactly a good prefect as you think I am. Cikgu paridah, and fellow prefects. I'm so sorry for the trouble, I can't help the way I am, but thanks to all of you, I am now a better person, I guess, and I wouldn't forget all of this.

these are some pictures from this year's jamuan at Perdana Resort:

Hannan, the one who always buat lawak tak kering gusi..hehehe

the fivers with Cikgu Paridah and Puan Nik a.k.a. Mok Cik Nik

Amin, ever so stylo..haha

Aiman, huhu

taqeem, thanks for supporting your golf club president

Ecoh, headgirlku yang kiut macam pingu. sorry if I've not been a good naib s/u

adik debateku, Payah

Keri!!! rahman forever, kay?

si manja, Syuhadah. sokmo tidur berbungkus macam mumia

sweet Zarul

Nafis, ketua biro dobi dan kebajikan

all of us, fivers

Thanks guys. =)


Al - Amin said…
long journey,,,
I guess...
Madhiah said…
its okay dear,
u've tried ur very best to be a prefect.
everybody is not perfect btw, isnt it?

well, i do have to admit that,
im very glad to have u in prefect board,
though im not good enough to be ur headgirl that time. lots of mistakes.. etc.

but i thnk, every prefect will thnk that they were not a good prefect, so do i, coz at that time, we r learning something new, something that really2 need us to be strong enough.

kak yah feel soooooo proud of u, u know?
im so so so impressive with ur trasformation! heheh. (btol ke gne word transformation?)
kam berubah sket2. not soooo drastik, which really make me proud of u kam. sape yg sng nk wat transformation kan? even kak yah pn sometimes rs ssh, nk tkar kite pny behavior.

all those things yg kam dah buat, selama u jd prefect, i really appreciate it.and i mean it. =)

btw, kak yah bkn yg jenis reti nk express kan feeling. but then, ape yg kak yah da tulis sume tu btol, x men tipu2 ni. =p

so kam,
kak yah harap nnti u will get what u want in ur life,
so, cuti2 ni, do cntc friends,about scholarships, eventhough kam kt plkn, ask ur father utk check kan paper everyday, bcoz situla dorg akan post announcement psl scholarshp ape2. eh, btw, kam interview bnk ngra x? n one more thing, ada satu website yg update psl scholarship. kak yah forgot la. xpe. nnti i'll try to remember it. x pon google je malaysia scholarships. rasanya situ ada.

wish u all the best in ur life!

kak yah
Nur Nafis said…
Pesal gmbar kat atas tu nampak gemuk?
Nana said…
hok mano nyoh? spe y gemuk?

nafis ni gak

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