Thursday, December 10, 2009

Redaksi SEMASA

Well, this is the first in the memory lane series.

I've had a long history with Redaksi SEMASA. It all started at the end of a role-call one day when my name, Nafis, Faiqah, Syau and Syafiq were called out to wait after the role-call. it turned out that we were chosen to be the Redax crew members.

I was so excited at that time because it was what I've always wanted to do, to be involved in publications, I don't know why, and even now, I still can't find the reason why I was so enthusiastic about it back then.

I remembered in Form 2 I was placed in the information bureau, and all the work that we had to do involved carrying tables and chairs for the penggambaran, it was during ramadan; oh, another one of our job was to decorate the room. I remembered spending time doing the organisation chart, which we didn't even finish doing the roof, I think.

I was then placed in the karya bureau in 2007, and we didn't do much work at that time because we were in Form 3.

This is the pioneer (ceh) Redax crew of batch 0509. This picture was taken during the 2007 dinner party at KFC, we didn't have one in 2006.

In 2007, there were a lot of HKSBP events, including the HKSBP Zon Tmur for basket ball. So, there were a lot of bulletins, which contributed a lot to our funds.

Then, in 2008, new members were recruited from the old form four students: Mirul a.k.a. Shao Lin, Anis, Nora, Mat Luq. The new form four students: Amirah Balqis, Anis Ameira, Saira, Haqimi, Anas, Farah Nur, Zaleha, Abrar, Ridhwan (I think), and Athirah. we bought a new Sony camera that we carried around in teacher Rozie's pink little bag. it was also quite eventful, especially with the sales: KOT and Choral Speaking Faris Open, Merdeka... and we managed to do one bulletin: Prime, which was for the KOT pictures. we planned a photo carnival, but it didn't work out. we took a lot of pictures during camping, as I remembered. Finally, it was the best Redax party I ever had, and the most extravagant yet. Read about the 2008 dinner party here.

In 2005, we added Baihaqi to the team, unfortunately, Ridhwan and Athirah left the Redax bandwagon as they left Faris.

...and so...

the editor-in-chief was Syau, Nafis and me as his assistant, Anis as secretary and Mirul as treasurer..and the rest became head of each bureau.

This year, we didn't do much sales, but we did stay for the HKSBP Drama Zon Timur for the two-issue 'flyer' Inspiration. We had so many problems because we didn't have any internet access, and the administrations interests conflicted with our own regarding the publication of the bulletin, but all in all, it was fun with Zaleha, Farah Nur, Syafiq and Nafis.

These are some of the pictures from our dinner party at Pizza Hut KB Mall this year:

This is the Redax team in 2009:

What I've learned from Redax:

1. publication is no easy task

2. using the adobe photoshop, but I'm still no good at it, but at least, I learnt something new

3. leading a team of people and working on a dateline, although sometimes, we do miss the dateline.

So, I guess.. I've finally retired for good, and since I didn't make any last speeches during the dinner, not that I wanted to!, so I'd just like to apologize if it has not been a good year, I know we've had so many problems, and I've not been a very good leader, but all the same, you guys still did a great job, it could have been better though.

to future Redax crew members, keep up the good work. =)

oh, and Nafis, thanks again for the pics.

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