Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stop and Stare are my list of books that I've read this year so far..
I'll keep it updated by the end of 31st December.

1)The Alchemist
2)The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time
4)The DEvil Wears Prada
5)Jasmines On The Fourth Floor
6)The Demonata Book 3: Slawter
7)Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters
8)The Witch Of Portobello
9)My Sister's Keeper
10)The Five People You Meet In Heaven
11)By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept
12) Twilight
13) Brazen Virtue
14) The Raider
15) Dr. Mahathir's Selected Letters to World Leaders

apa lg..let me think..there's more I think..give me a sec..
well, for BM plak

1)Bagaikan Puteri
2)HAtiku di Harajuku
3)Ombak Rindu
4) Ayat-ayat Cinta

kind of old, I know, I just don't read Malay that often..

Friday, June 06, 2008


Sometimes in life, we have to laugh ourselves silly..laughing at ourselves!
Life must go on and there will always be more room for improvement.
So, for my last post before I go back to school, I'm gonna put my debating pictures,
then and now.. just for fun
see how much I've evolved from the 4-minute emo speech to the 8-minute still emo speech, haha.
however, I haven't any pictures on my public speaking though, so I don't know how I fared. One judge commented me last year that I was as stiff as a robot!

so, here we go!


UIA 2007- against RMC, yep, this is the one I'm talking about! The most embarrassing debate, aww, my first time..

look at Mirul, covering his face in shame, Kak Ainul, praying kot?
and at the back at that time, Teacher Rozy was having a good laugh with Amirul Irfan, RMC's researve at that time.

okay..this went out of hand! what the hell was I doing??
These pictures are really old ones that reside in my thumbdrive that I have yet to upload.hahaI can see the reason why..

O..kay..I can't remember this one is with which school, but this has got to be the ugliest one yet!

now, the 'katok meja' ones..

this one s with SMK Bandar Kinrara, I think. I was third speaker and FARIS was Government on the motion, This House Suports Free Trade. At that time it was me, Kak Ainul and Kak Fikah.Oh yeah, and we lost, cos I didn't do my job as 3rd peaker.

ni dgn ape eh? x igt lgsg daa..

okay, look at my 'blurr' face

that was rhen..
but for my experiences, I would like to thank my sifus..

This one is from the SAKTI quarantine room, which is a lab that we shared with SBPI Gopeng


not many pictures were actually taken during the actual debate, but at least, I found my smile..

at that time we were against TKC, so tensionla sikit

now, the few pictures during the debate. this was against SAKTI

Nafis the cool PM, senyum sokmo..

at that time, Jija the Casanova Debater (CIkgu PAridah's words, not mine) failed to menggoda that day! xpe, better luck next time

hehe, me sempat lg tu!

This is our Government streak pictures, despite Nafis being a PKR and me being pro-PAS, eih, x baik main politik tau, kecik2 ni!

against SAKTI this one. ei, why does everyone look so cute?

This one's against Lahad Datu. Abg Dayat's first time as PM.

All in all, that's all for this post, I'd like to give a big thanks to SYAfirie and Teacher Nik for pointers on our.well, points. And a big MMMMmmmmuuuUUUAAAHHH! to this year's debate team..

I'd like to also extend my sincerest apologies because some of these pictures are not actually from my camera and muuch of it came from Amin's and NAfis' and abg Dayat's and YB Mirul's and lots more. Sumimasen, and syukran! Well, memories are supposed to be shared, so here ya go!

Ei, apasal bnyk sgt typo lately ni? xde quality control ka?

Outta My Mind

These are some more pictures from my debate escapades, haha, most of them are just for fun:

This year's BM n BI team, one big happy and MUiz with matching clothes

Gambar2 org2 kuat makan..

with SBPI SElandar at SOgo

Kir and Ann KAy
sape lg kuat makan?

I was the one with highest food expense at that table at that time
RM 8.50

next is the gambar2 meja bsepah..

kesian kat SYTRA, the school that we're sharing the quarantine room (SMSAH Mappes) with..

dahsyatnye.apa nak jadi dgn anak dara x reti berkemas ni..

ni the peserta tag

these are the good times we had when we painted the Alor Setar town red in Pekan Rabu

tried my hand at bowling, look at the scores!

This is the picture of future Top Models, taken at the SMSAH school compound

FARIS wins big at the award night, attended by the KEdah SUltan held at Dewan WAwasan, Kubang PAsu

we bagged two trophies! one for best overall and best academic performance. way to go! the one in red batik is our school's PK HEM- Cikgu Abdullah, or more affectonately known as..Mr. DOl

sign, sealed, delivered- you're mine!

what a night to remember. Even our recently ex-principal Wan HAmzah came. Thank you so much!

lastly is our TUan Rumah (SMSAH)'s english debate team, but this one we took at UIA, so its not their main line-up except Azia and Adlina

Thanks so much, guys!

Outta My Head

I'm taking a break.
The other computer's a whack and so, I'll blog here instead.
I'll be ging back on Sunday
so, in the future I'll be blogging from a cyber caf, that is, if I ever get the chance
if not, I'll have to go dormant again, but I am a truly avid blogger
I get lost in the blogging world.

so, for his post, I'll be posting the pictures from my debate career
next year will be my final year

I'm torned between law and sciences
I'd love to continue debating for the rest of my lif, that would automatically make A lawyer being my future career choice,
but I'm so totally set for a biomed career cos I really want to bring something back to Malaysia to be shared and benefitted by all the people

but then again, there's the Bank Negara thing. I doubt that leadership is my forte'.
I'm really hoping my prinsip akaun would urn around, perhaps I will have a brighter career in finance and economics..

can't really decide yet,
I guess I'll have to strive it out first
see what I'm actually good at,
although I admit that I do want to be good in everything
haha, silly me, that's not possible.

any how, here are the pictures:


Kam f4
Nafis f4
Azrizal- my soon to be heir as he's the only f3
Hidayat f5
and Syafiri f3, next year's debater

This is with SAKTI, HKSBP SMSAH 08
FARIS as Government
Motion: THBT CCTV is necessary to build an ethical society
verdict: FARIS won

This is with SMS Lahad Datu
FARIS as Government
Motion: THBT Disposable Items Should Cost Double
verdict: FARIS won

The other match is with TKC, but we haven't a picture on that, nah, we're not sore losers, actually, but we lost when opposing on the motion THBT Tourists prefer good service to good amenities

This is with SBPI Selandar
FARIS as Opposition
Motion: THBT Parents Should be held liable for underaged smoking
verdict: FARIS won
this is the only match in UIA Interschool debate 2008 that we actually had pictorial memoirs


Debaters UIA:
Kak Ainul
YB Mirul- Gothic Boss, l.o.l.
Kak Fikah

Debaters HKSBP:
KAk Ainul
YB Mirul
ABg ARief
yours, truly

This is with SDAR at HKSBP SAKTI 2007
FARIS as Government
Motion: THBT GLobalization Benefits All Nations
Verdict: FARIS ..lost! me as PM, I set the wrong case, haiyaa!!

This is with SEMESTI, the first time I met up with Frankie
FARIS as Opposition
Motion: THBT English is necessary to succeed in life
verdict: SEMESTI won, I was researve for this one

This is with SMSTJ
FARIS as Government
Motion: Internet Is The Best Thing That has ever happened to MAn
verdict: FARIS won

This is with SMK St. John, they were really good! The first time I met HAssan Hilmy, and then I met him again at The Star Public Speaking Seminar. This debate took place at UIA.
FARIS as Government
Motion: THBT thou shalt not experiment on animals
verdict: FARIS lost, like, d-uh!

This is with TKC. The first time I met my dear Arina, and yeah, I met her again for the second time at HKSBP 2008
FARIS as Opposition
Motion: humour round! and at that time, MIrul was the only guy in the room, minus my dad, who was watching us at that time. The motion too seems pretty apt for Mirul:
THBT MAlaysian Men Need All The Help They Can Get
MIrul was really funny and he totally saed the day cos we won, unexpectedly

This is with RMC, the first time I met CLeophas, and he came for the HKSBP in SMSAH
FARIS as Opposition
Motion: THBT the government should not cap the number of subjects taken for SPM
verdict: FARIS lost, again, like, d-uh!
This was my first time debating, if I don't consider the friendly debate at MRSM PC as the first (at that time I was PM). This was also my first time as 3rd speaker.
It was one to remember because Teacher Rozy always reminds me of how bad I was then!

well, we went up against lots more schools, but unfortunately, these were the only ones available.

This post serves as an important memorabilia to me and posting is like, flipping thru an old album and retelling the story behind it.
it has been such pleasure-ceh, mcmla dh abs career kite

Monday, June 02, 2008


wanna play?

The Rules:

1) Each Blogger must post these rules first
2)Answer the questions below and list down 3 people you tag.
3)Don't forget to leave a comment telling them that they've been tagged and to read your blog.

1) Which do you prefer: Black or White?

2) What kind of a person do you think you are?
Syakir says I'm a whore, but I think it's the other way around..hmm..
personally I think I'm a loudmouth bitch that always gets herself into sticky situations and at times i think I'm as good as gold.. *wink,wink*

3) Blue or Red?

4) What's your mood right now?
hot as hell

5) List down 5 things you did yesterday
Handle vomit-stained clothes
waited at the side of the road *yawn*
Sleep in the car
ate Nasi Ayam Haiqal-damn good chow, if ya ask me
Drank warm lychee drink. basically like wat ma sis did

6) List two of your best friends
no human names in particular
I do have a name in mind, but lets keep it at that, shall we?

7) What kind of a guy do you prefer?

8) Do you like your dad or your mom? favouritism please, its not fair to forsake one and favor the other
it leads to cronism, like what our good government is practising now

9) What is your favorite color?

10) Which would you prefer: Japan or Singapore?

11) List down 3 things on your mind

12) Who are you chatting with on MSN?
a grim reaper

13) What are you doing?
I'm doing this stupid quiz, like, d-uh!

14) What do you know?
it depends on what kind of stuff that I know.

15) What's friendship?
hurm, in certain cases, mellow
in other cases, hurm..ntahlah

Who do you tag?

Time Rolls Around ON Its Hundred..Feet?

Okay, that's a weird title to start off with!
well, I've had my politic streak some time ago
and my poetics
and what not
and now..syiwang??

please no, that is totally out of the question. I just took a look at my pal's blog, frankerism..he wrote about SBP which struck me to write a post about it too.

sad to say, it has been fun, but also sad since every year, HKSBP seems to mark the end of the career for sbp debaters at school levella, I mean, who knows, maybe they'd comntinue at university, but it certainly won't be the same, especially the memories.

this year's weirdest and most annoying p.o.i. award goes to SAKTI. It totally ticks me off when the speakers are like, trying to get my attention by saying "p.o.i., cutie". God, that is like, so..overrated! and not to mention, yuck and a violation of privacy? ok, that's too much, but nobody calls me cute except my 'authorised personnels' only!

haha, Faris is..ok..this year.
two wins, the other against lahad datu, but we lost wit TKC.
only due to under performance.

better lucknext year, then.

Work Things Out?

How am I holding up lately?
haha, funny question.
Recently I went back to Kelantan for an interview for a Bank Negara scholarship.
YES!!! I'm on par with Faisal! he got Bank Negara too.
but i am not as confident that I'd get it.
I wondered if it was really me who walked through the door yesterday. I just wouldn't know for sure. However, I'm not that confident that I'd get it.
but even if I don't. I'd pledge to myself that I'd get the big one: the go-wherever-I-like-in-whatever-jurusan-scholarship one for top 5 malaysia SPM 2009.
well, we'll see how I hold up for sure!
anyway, along with me the other day, there were two others from my school: syuhada and hairul.
that syuhada gal sure is making me run for my money
she's a tough cookie
a lot tougher than hakim
hairul, on the other hand, sure is a testy one
not easily susceptible to my..ehem, charms?
don't get me wrong, I just do it for kicks, maybe, perhaps as a confidence boost, in way?
but it is a great way to know people
yes, I admit it, I'm lonely
socializing makes me feel better, even though the bonds may not actally be one to last.
but at least you know your surroundings, which is a good thing, for me.
so, what should I call myself?
I'm looking for a term between a social bug and an anti-social lone wolf.
All in all, I'm sick of this hectic life. I want to unwind.
When I get back, I'm gonna face tons more work to do, and it seems strange that I'm getting busier with each school holiday.
I don't mind being busy though, I'd rather be busy than not doing anything at all,
but in way, I have to 'enjoy' being busy where somewhere along the run, there has to be a sliver of minutes of excitement.
so, I do all the things I do supposedly 'just for kicks'. You may not know what I'm hinting here, but I just want to let it out in a 'censored' manner, but it's nothing bad at all, trust me.
God, I can't imagine how relationships actually 'work out'!
I hate my pessimistic outlook on..what? almost anything?
why do I let myself suffer? don't I have anything better to do?
heh. what a rhetorical question, if you ask me!
no, its not haiirul, I'm talking about.
But being separated miles away that only gives me like, once a year to meet him?
what torcher! and yet, they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder?
Being a sceptic, i don't think it'll work out at all.
whoa! suddenly on the spur of the moment, I suddenly remeber all that puking I had to endure two days ago in the car!
the grossest ordeal I had to suffer when babysitting. yuck!