Sunday, November 30, 2008


Do you know what comes after a post-addiction phase?
Yep, it is the feeling of uncanny emptiness, the need to find a new addiction or else you will lose the meaning to your utmost pathetic life. It's like a bad break-up. Some people have just given up the need to love, while others look for a new one right away, only to have their heart broken all over again. NO, I do not wish to discuss this issue in great detail. Rather I would rather discuss this topic of obssession for a certain pastime. (Did spell that correctly?)

Just so you know, it's tiring to keep up with these 'obssessions'.

Well, anyway, for this blog entry, I would like to promote some of my sister's story blogs:
next is Kak Ainul's story blog:
I have yet to get my own because I haven't any ideas for any stories yet. Well, I will see to it in the future.

Down and Out.

Quick update:
1. Just came back from a tiring wedding reception, my uncle's
2. I was the photographer, I took pictures with my dad's Canon 50D, but the pictures sucked compared to yesterday's. I don't feel like uploading any pictures yet. i hate waiting.
3. I have successfully completed a few of my tasks, but there are stil a lot that I haven't done yet. That includes the preface acquisition, studying for my Arab exam, my BM and SEJ homework.. and lots more
4. I have not been training for golf.
5. I was also a 'short-lived' photographer for Laila's concert.
6. I am a week away from St. John Camp

Well, this is a random one, another blog about my life, it has been a long while that I had been blogging on my thoughts on important issues, but I have to be 'in the mood' for that sort of thing.

Early this year I reviewed on Di Hadapan Pulau and the Anthology. So, I've recently finished PGT, Putera Gunung Tahan, I know, another school text, but apart from Twilight, that was all that I have read for this school holiday. I've also read Kerusi, and I have yet to read The Pearl. this holiday is a torcher, I came home via flight and some of my things have been left at school and I haven't been able to study nor do my homework properly because I haven't acquired the Form Five textbooks, and for the sake of doing my BM assignment, I bought the BM texts, and that was all. The synopsis is currently in the typing process. I take a break by typing this review. (yak,yak,yak)

Basically, PGT and Kerusi is dry and hard to get through, well, Twilight was, and no, I have not seen the movie. PGT deals with patriotic issues, and despite all the 'teachings' and messages conveyed through this book, I still see it as a mere fairytale and I read it with the thought of the miniscule impact it has on today's ungrateful Malay generation, although it must have been one of the hits back in the colonial days, I hope.

Since, PGT textbook is a student's revised copy, some inappropriate parts have been removed by the ministry, but that just leaves the story hanging, and there was a wrong 'feel' to it, like the short story Looking For A Rain God in English 1119 this year.

In Anak Laut, the short stories had a very 'sekolah rendah feel' to it, whereas the ones in Kerusi were a bit more complex, save for a few that I don't really quite like reading because it felt cliche'd. However, I liked A. Samad Said's Di Sisi Rinda and Sebutir Pasir Di Kaki, although Sebutir Pasir was like a typical Malay drama scenario, but both short stories were, erm, strong?
Aku, Kris dan Kristal was a tad reminiscient of Aku Anak Timur.

I don't really get the traditional prose and poetry even since my PMR days, but in Kerusi, it was the most difficult for me. I had a headache reading it, honestly. Sajak is okay, but I couldn't understand Duhai Penafsir.

I love Puteri Hang Li Po and especially Kerusi, itself. Well, I guess that many girls must have liked Puteri Hang Li Po, because there was a love theme, and it was, perhaps, the longest play taught in the school syllabus. Kerusi is absolutely brilliant, portraying the duel and greed for power. however, I could not understand the Jangan Bunuh Rama-Rama one, but it does sound interesting and I feel compelled to uncover the symbolics behind the play.

That's about it, for now.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay, yesterday, I went to my little sister's kindergarten sports day held at SMK Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju Hall. Well, the field is wet because it has been raining almost every day in KL, well, in my area.

Anyway, I was the photographer that day, a tak bertauliah one, mind you. Here are some of the pics. They are so cute!

bacaan ikar

This is not a running in a sack event, this is a running sack

balloon haul

bean bag race

future Rahman formation?

Well, I guess that's about that.

Friday, November 21, 2008

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OMG..!! my room is a mess!! okay, I admit I cheated, I had to 'change my clothes', erm, does covering up count? I put on a tudung for decency's sake, haha. Oh well, I don't really know who to tag...

1. Amirul Mukmin
2. Ahmad Muhaimin
3. Ariff Hafizi
4. ainin sofia
5. syafirie
6. fatma Nadia
7. frankie
8. Hidayat
9. Afiqah Mustafa
10. Ainul Mardhiah

Monday, November 17, 2008

Adam and Eve

Alright. Deep breath. I've finally finished reading this book, no I'm not going to give out any details, because, there wasn't much of it to start with. I read this book, honestly, with mixed emotions, like what Edward Cullen would feel for his love interest, Bella.

First of all, it was..simple..too simple..yet so complicated to get through.. The pace was excruciatingly slow to get through, and there was no change of scenery, making it dull, as Bella thought it was; and most of all, it lacked the dynamics, the action. Only after the Cullens were introduced did it get interesting.

The fun was supposed to be in the psychological twist, the c0mplexity of the emotions. Sadly, I felt that the novel didn't build me up to that point. It only 'implies' that Edward was dangerous, merely 'skimming the surface', and not actually 'scratching' it enough.

The lead characters did a lot of staring into each others' eyes, and it started to get monotonous from there because it was very repetitious, in that sense.

I know, the book got a good review, but I'm not attempting to defame a 'good book', it's just an expression of a personal opinion, I'm not forcing this down anyone's throat.

However, from the sneak peek offered at the back of the book of the second installment, New Moon, sounds more promising.

Anyway, about the mixed emotions thing with this book was that when I knew that Robert Pattinson was playing as Edward in the movie, my first thought was, "oh God, Cedric is hitting on Hermione," no offense, for that matter, and then, Beauty and the Beast came to my mind when Bella tried to 'tame' Edward from their first encounter. Lastly, it all came down to "okay, they're not much different from a couple who is just so crazy for each other." Okay, then again, I pictured a lion having an affair with his dinner, an innocent-looking spindly-legged gazelle who came straight to the lion's den without him having to hunt her(male lions are lazy, see, don't believe me, go back and watch some Discovery Channel.) and lies next to him in his hug. And when he bears his teeth just about to swallow her, ready to pounce any second,(and 'relishing' her scent, at the same time), she gazes endearingly into his eyes. Her soft, brown eyes, every bit melting and arresting, and he stops, midway, confused. Incapable of thought, frozen in place, and it has been going on like that throughout the book, the impossible love, that animal longing...okay, that's just sick, weird and wrong!!! I don't mean it that way, though, it's just a disturbing thought I had throughout the novel, which made the read very..uncomfortable.

I believe that every guy is Edward, although their looks may not measure up to his beautiful features; and every girl is Bella, so madly in love that they walk straight into the arms of Danger. She knows pretty well to stay away, but she can't. Yep, it is confirmed. Love makes us do stupid things, sometimes totally oblivious to the fact that our loved one obviously spells a death trap for us, even if we are aware of that fact.

Okay, that's a bit pessimistic, like Bella on her first day in Forks.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sang Bayu Membisikkan Rinduku Kepada Samudera Cinta-Nya

Menatap kebiruan
yang disulam hijau permata
hamparan keindahan luar biasa

Mutiara jernih
ibarat sungai yang berlari
membasahi pipi
sekali sekala jatuh ke pasir

bayu dingin yang mengelus
membelai-belai wajahnya yang lesu
muram dek cuaca yang mendung
awan-awan kelabu
membaluti langit yang biru,
suram di lubuk kalbunya

meronta-ronta hatinya
mencari nikmat ketenangan

meronta-ronta jiwanya
mencari kebenaran hakiki

ingin saja disapu
debu-debu penipuan
yang mengaburi pandangan mata hatinya

rindunya pada Kasih yang suci menggamit lagi

ampunilah hamba yang hina ini.
"terkenang-kenang pula saat-saat merenung ke kejauhan di Pantai Cahaya Bulan tatkala melihat gambar laut.."

Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Whims

Another post yet again for today, what has gotten into me??
here are some of the things I have to do this holiday, as a mental note to self:
1. Homework.
>Maths (ACE Analysis workbook)
>Add Maths handout
>Physics handout (2)
>Arab handout

erm..what else?
2. study for my Arabic language exam next year (lambat siot!)
3. organize my files

4. Redaksi works
>write preface for Syeme and the principal
>look for pictures of the people featured in the preface
>ask the alumni president to write the preface
>type a report
>design layouts and SEMASA cver 2008

5. St. John Camp 10th to 16th Dec

erm..what else?
I'll update later when I remember.

* * * * *

yes,yes,yes, I'll admit that I've really caught on the AAC bug! I'm freakishly playing the song again and again on my player! God.

But lets make it a new resolution, though it may not be a new year yet. No, I'm not going to recap this year's highlights yet, it's still too early, but anyways, I do believe in the continuous renewal of resolutions.

Okay, I have resolved to:
1. increase my weight to 45 kg, insyaAllah, but all this while, I have yet to reach 40kg.
2. find a way to control my emotions and manage my anger, find a more effective way to channel my 'surge' .
3. get better results, this year's results suck!
4. be more organized, so that i can get my life back in control a better Muslimah

sekian, for now.

I Miss You

Wan Hamzah, Faris Principal
tak sempat pun nak ambik gambar sekali..uhuuuuu..


Nothing much to say, actually. The Raya celebration was kind of boring. This is the picture of me and Mr. KJ, the new principal.

This is the box of 'kuih raya' that my teacher gave the winning group from the literature quiz. Cute and yummy.

'Kacau' the "dodol" in the 'dewan' with Anis.

The dead starfish collected at the beach during the Prefects' dinner party.

I did a lot of staring to the ocean at the PCB coastline. jiwang keparat..

Haha, end of updates for now.

Verses of Love

Haha, I know, it's not the typical me, but yeah, I've caught on the AAC bug.
I've recently read the novel, and erhmm..being a sceptic, it seems too good to be true, but like a good fairytale, it gives you an undisputable 'feel-good-feeling', and some parts are sad.
It had a slow start, but the build-up was nice when it got fast-paced after Fahri, the main charcter's wedding to Aisha (the picture here..)
I find it hard to put the book down, and despite being in Indonesian, I find the language very poetic.
The most memorable part was, the ending. It left me stunned after reading it. It was like, it's over? One of the best endings ever, I should say, striking a powerful message. Interesting.
Well, now I'm starting on Twilight, and I just found out that the dude who played Cedric Diggory (yep, girls, I'm talking 'bout drool-worthy hotness')in HP is playing as Edward the vampire.
That's about it for now, I have just returned from school and got tons of work to do.