Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aku Wirawati Negara

Well, I'm not going to touch the computer anymore for the time being..things are just too..freaky..still paranoid of virus attacks...

okay, so, I will be away again for PLKN:

2 Jan to 14 Mac

Kem Summer Set Resort, Kuala Rompin, Pahang

wish me well

Adios amigos!

everything we had

I'm still so emo about the Sime Darby interview on the 6th, I'm not going to spare any details yet, but I really think that I didn't make it this time. I just knew that after the 3rd Level of assessment, there will be a fourth level of assessment, and Sime Darby is only giving the scholarship to 8 people, man! That is so cruel, talk about the real world, wake up, people, this is reality! In real life, chances are that slim, to get jobs and such. This is just the beginning, I bet there are a lot more times through out your life that you will be interviewed. So, anyway, I thought I did okay for the first part, second part, I thought that I could have spoken more, I could have done better, third part, honstly speaking, I didn't know what to do. What I learnt (since I'm going to take this positively as a learning experience) from the interview is that, you should be more firm in yourself, I seem a bit hesitant in certain parts, especially when it comes to those areas that I don't have background knowledge of, yes, the one about managerial positions. So, what I could improve on are my substance and getting my ideas out with more clarity. I have this problem of not being able to find the correct word. Should practise more on my speaking skills, I'm a debater for God's sakes, and it irks me that those who were not even debaters could speak. Certainly, I could have done better. Anyway, that was done and over with. I just needed to get it out of my, off to PLKN (no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Closing Curtains on 2009, off to 2010.

Okay, I didn't make a recap before 2009 ended, there are still lots more posts I didn't get to do before 2010. Heck, I'm going to do a quickie recap here:

Jan: almost uneventful. Such bliss because I could finish all my homework on time, and usually, the first month of the year, everything has always been done with so much enthusiasm. Cikgu Abdullah left for SMK Kubang Telaga.

Feb: definitely busy with golf. This is my favourite complain post.

March: Penggal exams. KOT! Fought with KJ over whether or not the students are given a choice to take EST for SPM. more updates in March here. Cikgu Razuki left for SMK Dabong.

April: UIA Debate! Wrote a few essays. HKSBP Drama Zon Timur. First glimpse of Mr. Hamdany, new PK HEM. I can't remember when Cikgu Mad was PK KO.

May: Hari Guru Celebrations. Mid-Year Exams and HKSBP Debate. have not posted on HKSBP yet. Started my driving license journey.

June: Corporate Day was gone. yeeehhhoooo. Perdana essay prize-giving ceremony. more details on updates here. Cikgu Mad became BM GC.

July: Nothing much that I remembered just a bunch of tutorials. Perfect Score Zon Timur. More updates here. Dabong Project.

August: H1N1 quarantine and SBP Trials. Nearly got stranded at the airport. Read about it here.

September: Ramadan. I can't remember when the Chemistry Quiz was. I got a Distinction. New PK KO: Sensei, and new PK HEM: Ustaz Tar

October: Raya and all those Jamuans: ELS, golf, prefects, redax, rahman. Party at Teacher Norma's house. Getting busy and stressed out for SPM.

November: JC and SPM starts. SPM life at school here. The best time at Faris in all five years! Monsoon season left me feeling all whoozy.

December: My school life ends on the 8th and my down memory lane series starts. Busy with driving classes, cleaning my closet, latest family gathering  at Tropicana, going out again and again to buy stuff, Sime Darby interview, other than that, I've been watching TV, blogging, chatting and texting.

Isn't it obvious that I'm too lazy to blog in detail by pasting all those links?

well, I'll be going for PLKN soon. Happy New Year, guys. May the new year bring more fruitful bounty. (is that how you say it?)

HELLO 2010....full of new surprises and experiences..

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I woke up at three in the morning with a terrible stomach ache. I was doubled over in agony and rubbed on some oil on my tummy. I tried going back to sleep, but I woke up again around 5 for potty. After that I had this nightmare. I was having my SPM exam in my own class, and it was flooding, but we had to carry on, anyway. Yeah, I waded through the worm-infested waters. (The horror!) As I entered class, the EST examination had already started and I was 30 minutes late. I tried finding my seat, but I could't find it, it was arrenged in a weird order, and those not taking EST were also in the same room, I was, like, what the h*ll??
When, I finally sat down, after feverishly finding my seat with my hands full with stationary and documents, I realized that I didn't have any pencils to blacken the answer. I started pannicking and got up from my seat to find my pencils at the back of the class where I put my bag, I dunno why the h*ll did I thought I would find it there. It was so cluttered that I had to rummage through the papers and books and who-knows-what, and I had trouble identifying my bag. When I finally found it and sat down, the exam was over and someone had already submitted my blank OMR paper. OMG. That was scary. It got me thinking, though, why EST? And why didn't I have the chance to answer it? First of all, it must have been paranoia. Second possibility is that maybe, I still remembered the online assessment thingy that I didn't have time to finish answering. Didn't I mention that the questions were a lot like EST?

Cleaning Out My Closet: My Works Of Art

my sock puppet from Year Six. I used to call him 'Black Guy'.


I dunno why I did this.

Characters from my Form Three drama

Aoshi, a samurai character that I used to draw for my comics. Shortlived ambition it was.

Gone are my scrapbooking days. These were from Year Six.

The only surviving art piece from form one, yeah I know it's a science school, people don't put much emphasis on art, so I simply lost interest. Gone are my story-writing and drawings. The only time I ever drew were doodles on my exam papers, or when I wasn't paying much attention to the teacher because I was sleepy or when I design bookmarks or dedication cards. FYI, there's five candidates for arts this year at my school. Best of luck for proving yourself.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


My chinese relatives from Singapore came: Granduncle Martin, and his wife, Grandaunt Nancy, Granduncle William with his brother and another accolade.We all gathered at Pak Su Jal's house in Tropicana for dinner.

On the menu:
1. lasagne 2. pasta 3. Mak Su's mashed potatoes with gravy and coleslaw 4. roasted (?) chicken. Pak Su jal made it according to Jamie Oliver's recipe. 5. Nenek made a tauhu dish, some vegetables and three fish dishes, I only tasted the salmon because I was full. For dessert, apple crumble with ice-cream.

I swear, I was so full I could barely walk. I just dozed off on the couch while the little kids played with my cousins' toys.

I forgot to charge my camera batteries, so I didn't take any pictures.

ditto! somehow that word is in my head for no apparent reason

This is my 200th post anniversary!

So, I'm going to post the photo taken during the Sime Darby interview.

These are some of the friends I made.


Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Sime Darby Business School

Session Two, Part One: Group Interview.
Topic: Out of the five areas of investment in Sime Darby, choose one area which you think Sime Darby needs to invest more for charitable reasons. Explain why and how will the investment be made.

So, everyone talked about the environment, education and culture, and I talked about community development. Can't remember any more details of what I said, but it was something about healthcare, and biomedical engineering. At first, I was a bit shaky when the interviewer shot a question at me, but after I relaxed, it was okay.

Four out of five of my group members made the cut to Part Two: Online Assessment

Damn it, it was hard, not really, but the time constraint made it hard.

First up was to answer 24 language (choice of BM or English) questions in 20 minutes.

Each question consisted of a passage, and a choice of answers (objective), you have to pick two true statements, based on the paragraph. I took time reading and understanding the text, and I couldn,t finish in time, there were about 6 questions unanswered. I chose English, so it was a reminiscence of EST questions, except harder. Well, EST you get 40 questions in 1 hour! I had time to sleep then.

Next was 24 arithmetic questions in 20 minutes. It was okay, I finished it all in time, surprisingly.

Lastly, was the 300 personality questions in 1 hour.

So, i don't know how I did for the second part. I will be notified sometime around next week, or two weeks later. It seems like a slim chance to get it, since places are very limited, and if I do get through the second part, I will have to return for more interview sessions, so it is not that easy.

Anyhow, it was a nice experience. =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Cleaning Out My Closet: Clothes

Rahman shirts for four years, I didn't have one in Form 1. from left to right: form 2 to form 5

my class t-shirt for 5 Alpha

HKSBP Kebangsaan shirts: 2007 (Sakti), 2008 (Jenan) and 2009 (SSP)

HKSBP Zon Timur: 2006 (Shah Pekan), 2007 (Faris Petra), 2008 (BRAINS)

HK Arab at SBPI Jempol

Debate team shirt in 2008, the letters were supposed to be jet-black, but I bleached it by accident

sports t-shirt when I was in SMK Seri Keramat

UIA shirts for 2007 and 2009

Baju orang bagi, the shirt from Muja and the pants from Jaja

School baju batik, the one on the most left is the one I had in Form one, missing kain, the middle in Form two, but had holes in it, and the one on the most right, lasted from Form three to today.

Caya tak?? That was in Year Two of primary school

my bedsheet from Form 1

my class t-shirt when I was in Year Five

okay. that's it for now.

Lambdarian Crew Part Three

The third and final installment of the Lambda Saga.

yes, those trying times of PMR.

Most of the previous Lambda boys have moved out, Yusri, Zaaim, Izzat and Afiq Cipop have all gone to Alpha, Adib, Zul cool, che asim went to Beta. So, Amin, and Pikem rejoined us. Dani and Faiz Ezani as well, and the rest remained the same.

At the beginning of the year, I was still getting used to the fact that Alia has gone to New Zealand, she wasn't with us, anymore.

I volunteered to shop for class decoration items, I was like so enthusiastic at that time, and all the decorations were planned with Amin and Che Dah. I remembered staying back in class in the afternoons, not just to practice my public speaking, but also to decorate the class. We had to cut out sunflower petals from yellow paper and stick them to black disks. Then these sunflowers will then be stuck onto the walls. It was a lot of fun, and satisfying to see the results. Our rivals at that time was Delta and Alpha.

that year, it was a bit tough, because we were always compared to gamma, and most of us were still problematic. The most memorable lessons were with Teacher Rozie, haha, not that I remembered much of what she taught, but it was due to the fact that she always ended up lecturing us on morale rather than teach grammar (yay). She always said that in terms of social relations, Lambda was better than Alpha (YAYY!!!!!!!!!).

PMR was a bit turbulent for me, but it turned out okay. I did a lot of mischief this year, yep, that's right even though I was the only female prefect in my class at that time, shock, horror!

The most memorable one was after PMR, the drama competition, I did a few posts on it previously, and I'll update this blog later to put the links to those posts.

well, I know my posts seem a bit mundane lately, I haven't the mood much to blog. I'll update later when the mood comes....


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lambdarian Crew Part Two

Well, it has been a few days since I last blogged, lost the mood to do so, and I have been a bit busy. The Sime Darby interview was alright. I made it past the group interview, but wasn't sure how I did for the online assessment, people have been asking me how it was, and I tire of explaining it. haha

So, anyaway, today's post is about 2 Lambda.

This was known as the Gorgon Era.


because there was this group of girls who were so tight, and they did the craziest things together, some of which sometimes teetered on the thin line between the Law and Outlawed, or are just plain loud.

At that time, the girls were divided into two groups, the Goody-two-shoes, and the Gorgons. For the record, I belonged to neither, I was a lot closer to the Gorgons, although I did not participate in their escapades, well, (sometimes I did), because I was close to Alia and sat next to her.

They earned the title due to a group of Form Five boys, who later we called 'power rangers' since gorgons were enemies of the power rangers in the show.

One of the worst yet jeers we ever had was the one orchestrated by 4 Alpha at that time, they pasted a piece of paper on our classroom door proclaiming, "BEWARE OF GORGON". so, in a fit of temporary rage , (yep, this was the year I started to have emotional issues) I ripped off that piece of paper and shredded it to bits.

I could imagine the Form two block, block D, the block furthest away from the dormitories, close to the water tower and camping site, and now adjacent to the new computer lab, it was  the noisiest block yet. Well, you could understand, form Two is a honeymoon year, and we were all just getting comfortable with our group of friends and we start to experience things together, the good and the bad. Compared to Form One where we were just getting accustomed to the new culture, and was still awkward with each other.

Form Two was the age of discovery, and some of us from Gamma and Lambda discovers 'the dark side'. At that age, there came Tok Cha's gang in Gamma, who were the loudest, most cheeky and naughty group of boys, up till form three, after Tok Cha, Che' and Hazwan Hariz left.

It was the age of games and play, and one of the busiest year yet, since I participated in many events. First up was choral speaking, I was the only form two at that time, with the rest of the team were form four girls. And then there was the horrifying golf competition. Next was public speaking, I was first introduced to Teacher Rozie. Aiman was supposed to participate, but he pulled out. I won second place for QIT, and for HKSBP, well, I didn't get anything, I was still too stiff. At that time, the BM representative was Syau and the event took place at Shah Pekan.

I remember there was one night Teacher Rozie had invited me to see the debate practice in hopes that I would pick up some of their speaking skills. At that time it was conducted in the band room with Muja practicing her singing at the same time. The debaters were Kak Ainul, Kak Zahra, Faruq, Mirul and Faisal.

Of course, not to forget Street Smart Quiz with Nafis and Hakim, whom I had just got to know. Both were very quiet. Later in the year was KWN.

Back to 2 Lambda, my classmates at that time were: the same girls sice there were only twelve candidates who took ERT, so we could'nt change classes. the boys were: Izzat, Afiq cipop, Azmiesham a.k.a. ayoh/tuo, khaire, najib, yusri, che asim, syazwan, jepun, piktah, haiman, zul cool, asif, razman, hurmm..can't remember who else..

For the English classes, Alpha, Delta and Beta were divided into three classes based on their performance, which were Aspiration, Brilliant (?, I think) and Confidence. For Gamma and Lambda, it was Appreciation and Benevolence. Even for sports, it was always Gamma and Lambda on the same day.

I don't remember much that happened in class, because I was most of the time, out of class, but not as often as I was in Form four, I remembered that my Maths was still not very good, but there was improvement. Arab was nice, because I scored 100 once in a topic test, come one! it was based on a topic in the text book, and I happened to read that particular topic by chance.

the teacher teaching Arabic was Ustazah Noriah, and she was a delightful character, always wearing matching clothes with her shoes and handbag for the day. Later on, Ustaz Azhar replaced her, he was the new ustaz. we usually asked him to allow us to go to the masjid during his period, because it was always the single last period for the day, and we could have our zohor prayers right away and return to the dormitories earlier than other people.

Those were the good times, ever so carefree..

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I was just reminiscing on the times I was an emcee. Well, I had lots of experience emceeing, until I got tired of it. The prefects had to be emcees for the roll call and for special events, I couldn't remember when I was first emceeing. There was also one year, when it always had to be me who was to read out the Word Of The Day, and make announcements of essay competitions. I'm sure people were bored of me.

the first time I went on the roll call stage was for the Brainstorming Slot (now the Public Speaking Slot) in Form two. can't remember what I spoke about. I had Brainstorming Slot twice this year, once for the debaters 'special'' on Sunday, and another for the spontaneous speech at the roll call. My Sunday brainstorming slot caused a bit of a controversy, because the principal, KJ heard me wrong. I was being my honest self, going on about I can't wait to leave the school, but even so I had many precious memories to leave behind. So, I was kind of praising the school (God dammit, brown nose and k*ss-a** much!). well, he took it negatively and claimed that I was provoking a student rebellion, my! But still, those were his exact words. so, for the last time I gave my speech in public, I told them that I was sick and tired of speaking in public in front of the same unappreciative audience. Mind you, the Faris students have the worst manners as audience. Roll call was always dreadful! I hate it so much!

well, anyway, the first time I was emcee for a big event was the Choral Speaking Open. I was paired with Izzat. Then, in Form Five, I was emcee again for HKSBP Drama Zon Timur with Syakir, and another for the launching of Bulan Bahasa with Nafis, and another one for Hari Guru, I was paired with Hanani. A few other times were for the prefects discussion with STAR, little events la, and...hurm.. I can't remember. haha

I have yet to post about cleaning my closet, I've got tons of pictures, yeah lots of interesting junk and objects of sentimental value that I have found, and I know that I wanted to write about debate earlier this year, but I haven't done so. Lambdarian Crew part two and three are still in the pipeline. there's also tons of other things in my to-do list. hahaha

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lambdarian Crew Part One

I haven't much pictures from this class, I have yet to have a camera of my own at that time. I actually felt bad about my previous post because in a way, it is a bit like badmouthing people, but I tell it as it is, that is what I feel and what I think, and yes, this is a place to vent, but bear in mind, they're not really bad people la.

So today, I'm going to post about 1 Lambda.

Brace yourself, it’s another long one.

It all began when one fine day during the mid-year school holidays, my ma said that pa could get me a space at SMS Kelantan, yep, that was what she said. It was about a few weeks after my grandfather died. So, at that time, I was already comfortable at Seri Keramat, and I never thought of moving away, because I gave up hope on getting into a boarding school, and yes, Kelantan was far away, and I'm a little intimidated by their dialect, culture and fitting in. yeah, I know, anywhere I go, I'm always the oddball, but the initial bit of introducing yourself, smiling away, that's tiring. Plus, at Faris, you can't go on about minding your own business, you have to take into account of the consequences of your actions, and people want you to mind what other people thought of you. That sucks, big time.

So on 15th of June, I reached the school, because I previously took ERT at Seri Keramat, they placed me in 1 Lambda. I thought by coming to that school, I wouldn't have to learn Arabic anymore, and was kind of hopeful they'd give me French or Japanese, but well, I ended up in an Arabic class. previously at Seri Keramat, I was in the kelas aliran agama, 1 Akmal. Which means that it was compulsory for all the students in that class to take Arabic for PMR, and had a special exam for Kemahiran Al-Quran. So, we had to hafaz five surah in Form 1 and a few more throughout Form 2 and Form 3: Al-Ghasyiah, Al-Insan, As-Sajdah, and I can't remember the rest, besides tarannum, tajwid and history of the al-Quran. I accomplished in memorising the full As-Sajdah, but now I have forgotten, which is kind of rugi. In Seri Keramat, the Ustazah, Ustazah Farha was in a rush to finish the syllabus, so we were already more than halfway through the textbook, and yes, I got a C for Arabic and was the worst back then.

However, when I got to Faris, it wasn't a rush, and they only just finished a few chapters, and the Ustazah at that time, Ustazah Noraziah had this special class for newcomers, me, Alia, Jaja, Anis, Syazwan, Izzat, were there any others? I could'nt remember. So, she taught us the arabic numerics, a few basics, and I could finally catch up with the class. I remember the way Ustazah told us to count in Arabic, it was so hurm... kiddyish, haha.

So, I came to this school, and most of my friends in KL haven’t actually heard of it (long name), some of them even thought that I was going away to some MRSM in Terengganu.

Anyway, there were six of us, I think, fourth-intake Form 1 students; I didn’t even have an offer letter! At that time, it was me, Syazwan, Alia, Jaja, Anis, and Farah Wahidah. Farah got into 1 Alpha, Jaja in 1 Beta, and the rest of us were in Lambda. On my first day, I met Kak Renna who was assigned to show me around, she was wearing a scout uniform at that time, yes, it was a Wednesday. The first class I entered was ERT at the ERT room, Cikgu Aidah asked me to introduce myself and asked what was my feeling when I came to this school, I said that I was happy because could escape from my siblings. Hahaha.

I remember the girls: Gie, Sue, Mek Sah, Aimie, Jinah, Che Dah, Aina, Eppa (assistant monitor), Shatilla, Adilah, Anis, Alia, me and Amrina (who left later in the year).

The boys, I’m not sure if I remembered everyone: Syakir, Amin, Jepun, Nije, Pikem, Piktah, Gedak, Syazwan, Najib, Khaire, Faiz Boss, Zaaim, Aiman Naim (monitor), Che Asim….mmm…..who else eh?

At first, I sat beside Shatilla, in Amrina’s place. Then, I sat beside Alia, by the door at the back of the class, behind Gie and Sue. It was a good place, because I slept during Maths and Agama without the teachers noticing. It was the first time I ever slept in class! I wasn’t like that in Seri Keramat or in sekolah rendah.

Alia Abdullah was an interesting person. She showed the class some of the pictures when she went to Britain in her younger days, so she speaks English with a British accent, and she had such a ‘manja’ voice that people will always remember her for. She always had stories to tell, and we would all listen. During outings, she would always invite us to her house, me and Jaja.

Then, on Thursday night, we had our first Usrah (for Form 1 and Form 2, conducted by Form 5 BPI in the first half of the year, and Form 4 BPI n the second half), all the fourth-intake students had to introduce themselves. It was the first time I spoke in Kelantanese dialect after so many years, the last I spoke was when I was a toddler because my Grandma ‘Mek’ took care of me for two years. At that time, it sounded really weird, I know. Nafis laughed at me when he heard it at the one time when Faiz, he and I were on the same flight back for Nuzul Quran holidays. That night, in the middle of Usrah, all the new students were called to the principal’s house. He asked us whether we were ok or not, but most of us didn’t talk much at that time. We had tea and crackers, I couldn’t remember what else we talked about, but then we were sent away.

The Usrah wasn’t over yet, it began after Isya’ at the musolla, and ended around 12 something usually. The BPI’s would give religious advice, and ask us to copy stuff…yeah..

Anyway, the first few weeks, I didn’t even slack around, I did my work all the time during prep, not chatting much, at that time, I had the Science folio to finish and well, I was way behind in Maths, the teacher gave work on integers and algebra. I swear, during the topic test I got 4 correct out of 20, 30 (?) something questions. I was so bad in Maths because I didn’t get the integer and algebra thing. It was a miracle I got ‘A’ for Maths at the end of the year. It was a miracle too that I got an ‘A’ for Arabic, and yeah, was the best student with Hakim at that time.

I remembered the first interclass debate Amin was third speaker, Aiman was PM I think, and Syakir the second. Their first match was against Gamma, I think, and then they proceeded with a match up against Delta, and Lambda won. Ever since then, the trio had been debating all the way till Form 5.

I participated in the pidato competition in conjunction with Merdeka celebrations. Man, I was terrible, what was I thinking at that time? Then, It was the English Fun Night, our class was to do the poem Monsoon History, so some of us recited the poems, some of us dressed up. I had fun doing the costumes with Amin and the gang. I recited the first verse of the poem. Oh yeah, and we had our practice at the garage at the side of the hall after Asar.

In Form 1, people were still main kejar-kejar, doing naughty things, being noisy. Gedak would tease Jinah and they'd start chasing. gedak was also another interesting character, he liked to make stuff. there was once he made a stick and a hat and pretended to be an old man. He also made a head out of paper and put it on a stick, then it ended up on the roof, somehow!

Jaja always came to my class at that time, we were like so close together. Even until Form 3, we'd send letters to each other. I still keep them.

I also remembered that when I was in Form 1, I didn't know how to do my chores, I burned holes in my tudung ( all the more reason I could go outing! ;-D ) My first outing letter was written in English, and me and Alia went to ask for outing from Cikgu Abdullah the PK HEM, more affectionately known as 'Mr. Dol'. We'd return to class with triumphant looks on our faces because he approved, and then, everybody else would start asking for outings as well, haha.

I didn't know how to iron my clothes, so at times, I went to school with wrinkled clothes, God, I must have looked damn funny. I washed my clothes everyday because I only had two pairs of kurung at that time. And I washed by wearing the yellow rubber gloves. Ma also sent me a lot of letters to give me tips on self-management.

I was like a freak show or something because I spoke in English, and people spread the most ridiculous rumours ever, like my dad was the town mayor or something like that. Some even went off to completely outrageous by saying that my parents were getting divorced and my mum was converting back to her religion, which was not islam. I mean, h*ll, what is wrong with you people?? Rule of thumb here, never underestimate the power of girl gossips.

It was a rocky year for me, but luckily, I got through it okay.

Lots of good ole’ memories. Haha.

(to be continued..)


Alphanz refers to the class of 4 Alpha and 5 Alpha. For three years I have stayed in Lambda with the same girls, and for the next two years I have stayed with the same girls and the same boys. Yep, of course Alpha was less eventful, and MORE QUIET than Lambda. I can swear ever since Form one, the Alpha class has its reputation for its quietness, and the only sound heard was the fan spinning. If you were in that class, not studying was a crime.

With that reputation, people were often afraid or uncomfortable to go to this class. Yes, I was in that class for two of the final years. Thank God for Muja and Hanani who were the 'louder' bunch. I really enjoyed when the tables was arranged in groups in 5 Alpha, me, Hanani, Muja, Jannah, Nora and Amy were grouped together, and we called ourselves 'Block Kewangan' because Amy was the treasurer.

At first, when I entered 4 Alpha, God dammit. I HATE that class very much. It was too quiet, and I hated the boys because they thought they were too cool to speak to the girls, there were a few who were friendly like Izzat, Mat Luk, Che Bak, Syakir, Faris, Aiman Naim, Shaolin. A majority of them were well, jerks, no offense. And there was this GENDER DISCRIMINATION thing going on, which I really hated. And the girls, even though they weren't even close to the boys, were so hell-bent on menjaga hati and keeping them satisfied, another fact for my distaste is that boys ruled the rankings. Yeah, but I could live with that because I love the competition, the problem is, that the guys keep to themselves and it is very weird if a girl asks a guy a question. Even if you did do so, they would half-heartedly help, unlike Che Bak of course.

The girls, on the other hand, mostly consisted of BPI's and most of them were the same girls from Alpha. So, a majority of them were classmates for five years. Yeah, I was less naughty, but not exactly nice either. hurm..what am I to say about the girls? hmm..They seem to accept the fact that they were the 'lesser species' in that class. Sometimes, they were too hell-bent on keeping other people satisfied and obsessed with 'menjaga hati' and there were times when some of them 'terasa hati' and have to change decisions and stuff like that. Divided decisions, mengumpat, all the regular stuff that girls do.

Anyway, what I hated in 4 Alpha was that the teachers were always angry with us because most of us were active and were often out of class, especially the prefects. Another reason was that we were always late. The boys especially, yeah I know I got in late sometimes, but the most ketara are the boys, even until Form Five. The re was the'infamous' Blok Pentadbiran members, they're not really bad people, but we don't really know, do we? But it is better to give them the benefit of the doubt, but since we were supposedly the 'first class', when members of our class were involved in disciplinary cases, especially 'jump', the attention is drawn on us, and we were known as the Alpha class that were not like the other Alpha classes in the years before.

some teachers complained that we were unresponsive, always sleepy, lifeless, rude and 'agah'. Labels that were not that nice to hear.

The problem with that class is that teachers have high expectations of us, yet they sometimes complain that we were no fun to teach, and much preferred to teach the lower class. we do get confused on how to act, and on what the teachers want from us.

Another reason why I have a distaste for that class is the fact that most of them were involved in 'cheating'. I know, I have cheated before, but I realized it was wrong and I stopped, but those people just never learn.

And sometimes, I have to agree that these people in my class do have an attitude problem. I know my temper is not always mild, but still, in terms of  courtesy, social relations, something still lacked in some of us some how, I just don't know what it was.

In 5 Alpha, we were still compared to other classes, which was also not a nice thing to hear, especially with 5 Beta (Betasweet Symphony), 5 Kappa ( Kappaband), 5 Delta (Deltawall), 5 Lambda (Lambdaland) and 5 Gamma (The Gammas).

We weren't as close, (honestly, I didn't want to be any more intimate with my classmates beyond adversaries and social acquaintances) so, the Dabong trip was organized. Some of us were closer, there was a positive change, although a little. Zaaim, Rafiq and Faris turned out to be okay, and I started talking to Miyo and Hisyam. I was okay with Pok Jat due to debate. Nije was okay. The ones that I still wasn't comfortable with were Mat Rong, Shahrul, Hafizie, and a few others that I'm too lazy to mention. well, at least I don't hate them much now, but I still don't feel close to you guys, sadly.

hurm, truth be told, I don't really feel that emotionally attached to my own class of two years, not to say that my classmates were very terrible people, but there simply wasn't any magical 'spark' between us. Not that I don't appreciate you guys. there were strengths and weaknesses in each one of us. Yes, I will miss the selective few people who have had many 'adventures' with me, you know who you are. ;)

yes, I know this sounds like a complain post, and I shouldn't do this because school's out. Let this be a lesson, life is never fair, and it is full of different people. what we want is not always what we get, and life out there is tougher. Anyway, thanks guys for the life lessons.

More Random Photos

I don't bother elaborating much, besides if it were an individual post, it would be too short. Otherwise, I'm just too lazy to elaborate, it would definitely sound report-ish since I'm not really emotionally attached much to the events that follow. Damn delayed post if you ask me.

First up is the collaboration with MARA PC on Biology phase 1.

Next is phase 2

next picture is from the discussion with Syed Putra. God, there were so many discussions, especially during my time as a prefect. I got so sick and tired of it!

p/s: I'm trying out the new updated blog post editor, so it my posts may not look as pretty because I'm still getiing used to it, but man I love the huge-sized pictures, although it does make the page look a bit crowded. hmm..